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Many, Many Ideas, So little experience pt. 2

  • Here's my Idea Part 2. Once again, I'll post the plan, and the steps I know it will take to do it, and if anyone has any tools, programs, steps, or a time frame, post it, and I'll get started on it!

    An air traffic mod!

    Different flight path types
    Repositioning - Quick flights to transport an empty (or mostly empty) plane from airport A to B
    Flights - Basic flights Takes off, climbs to cruising alt, and drops to
    Long haul flights - Long-distance flights where planes take off, climb to cruising altitude, circle the map once or twice, and land at the specified airport.

    Taxiing - This requires a plane to move from the parking space to the runway OR vice versa. after a plane lands and reaches proper taxi speed, it will turn right or left off the runway, and follow the appropriate lines (specific taxi angles vary based on vehicle) and head to the parking space. When it comes across a cross-road, it will taxi up to a line, stop, wait 4 to 8 seconds and continue. If a plane passes in front of it, it will wait another 4 seconds, and cross. This way, we won't have to worry about any collisions. Sometimes a plane will move from parking space to space, or space to hangar (for 'maintenance' or storage)

    Takeoffs should be simple. Head down the runway, pull up, retract gear, and continue climbing
    Flying should be relatively simple climb to x height. wait, and climb more, and hold. Then descent. hold. Descent again.
    Landing should be a bit of a challenge. you have to ensure the base wheels drop first, and let the front wheels hit the ground, reduce speed, and then enter taxi module

    The following are the steps it would take:

    1. Spawn plane.
    2. Generate flight plan including taxi plan

    I would have to learn how to spawn vehicles, create paths, create stop conditions scripts, etc, etc.

    if anyone has a way for me to learn how to do any of these ideas, please, let me know!


    Future idea: Filler planes - This would fill the airport and make it look extremely realistly busy! This would involve random planes to come in from off bounds, and fly in, and land, and park. Then the plane would wait for a random amount of time, and then take off again and fly into the out of bounds!

  • Sorry to bring you down @Wetter42, but I'm afraid you won't be able to start your modding career with something spectacular right off. It takes a lot of learning time to get where some of the most prolific mod authors currently are. Now, I myself am not an expert, but I can tell right away that map modding (other than scenography / content creation) is not a beginner's thing...

    Actually, some fail even at content creation... :stuck_out_tongue:

    You might want to talk to people like ryanm2711, jin007 or speedium as they have been creating new lands within the game world from scratch and, probably, according to the workflow that you have described.

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