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banshee 900R custom livery problum

  • I'm trying to make a custom livery for the banshee 900R.
    I have the latest GTA5 installed the latest openIV and Texture Toolkit by Neodymium.
    I get in the game and spawn the car and try to change to the replaced livery but when I change to the livery its still
    base game livery I have it installed to mods folder as to not damage the base game.
    if anyone knows how to fix the problem with the livery not being replaced please help me out I would love to bring more mods to people.


    did you add the edited yft to x64i or a later patchday?
    might be worth searching OpenIV for all locations of the _mods.rpf

  • GTA 5\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday9ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\patchday9ng\vehiclemods\banshee2_mods.rpf\

    that's the path im editing because that's the path with the livery for the banshee 900

  • found out its located in 3 places and replaced all 3.

  • ok after finding out the file paths and then beating my head into a wall for the noob mistake of having the texture backwords I got it fixed and working XD.

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