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can't find native 0x31d23fc8ccd18dc3

  • Hi . I have installed the mod open interiors . but when i start the game i have an error :"can't find native 0x31d23fc8ccd18dc3" i have read the desription but i dosent undestood what i need to do . Help pls

  • I just downloaded Open Interiors to test it. It is working fine. Make sure you have downloaded the most recent scripthook from Alexander Blade. And put all the files in your main directory. Hope that helps

  • @TheEagles1977 I also confirm that it's working on my end.
    @AndiBraker what do you have installed, mod-wise? Maybe something is conflicting with it.

  • What version is your game at? That native was added in the Biker's Update as far as I know, so you need at least that version or higher.

    When you say "open interiors" do you mean "Online Interiors" or "Open All Interiors"? The latter hasn't been updated since 2015, and that native wasn't added until 2016, so I doubt that is the mod you are referring to.

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