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Game crash after install NaturalVision Remastered ReShade and ENB Files ,ReShade and ENB DLL Files

  • Game crash after install NaturalVision Remastered ReShade and ENB Files ,ReShade and ENB DLL Files. When delete ReShade and ENB Files I can play game.

  • either you have done it wrong or not install something or your pc cant handle it, I have the same visuals and it plays fine

  • Have you installed Heap Limit Adjuster and The Reshade and ENB DLL Files? If you have already done those, what preset did you install? if you have installed Ultra make sure that your game can handle it? lastly have you installed a gameconfig (Just to make sure even if the problem is about ReShade and ENB) anyways if those didn't work I hope someone here can help you fix your problem. :)

  • Yeah my game has been crashing ever since I updated it. My computer ran NVR with ENB ultra easy no frame drops.
    Can't figure out how to get it working again Dx.

  • Apparently the scripthook update screwed up some stuff, from what I have been reading on other posts. I guess we wait until another script update.

  • I also had this issue.I removed the re-shade files.Currently using enb dll until stuff works again.

  • Okay so i've spent a week on trying to figure this out and i've finally find the solution

    Not only do you have to download scripthookV but you also need scripthookV.net for it to work. When you have done that, you should be able to launch the game, though i've personally experienced some FPS loss in some areas of the game, but i think that's on my end. Anyways i know this thread is quite old but i just wanted to put a solution that worked for me out there in case there's someone else with this problem and still want to use the reshade :)


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