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[SCRIPT] Ped remover

  • I could use a mod that allows to delete a ped from the game world. Not kill them, mind you, but remove them with a click or some key.

    There is an annoying oversight in LSPD:FR whereas, when you halt a ped or a group of them, the halted peds will remain in the game world indefinitely... And of course, when you return, another scenario group is being placed in the same spot, right on top of their heads. :smirk:

  • Honestly wouldn't mind the same type of thing

  • Created it (for Script Hook V .NET).
    Download the "PedRemover.zip" file here: https://gitlab.com/Jitnaught/removeped-gta5/tags/
    Installation instructions in the archive.

    You shouldn't have to do this though. The authors of LSPD:FR should really just fix the bug.

  • Normally, that would be the case @Jitnaught.

    But when you realize that since May last year they still did not release a "soon to be released" LSPD:FR 0.4, then there is a slim chance they will fix some bug just right now... :/

    Thanks for the link. I'll have a look.

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