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Wheels dirt

  • I use the "no dirt mod" cause I hate that my car gets dirty every minute or less (Idk why this happens or what mod causes that)
    But the wheels pack by ganjahouse keeps getting dirty every 40 seconds and I hate that. Do u guys know how to stop this??

  • You can't, those are embedded textures and you can only view them in OpenIV, you can't delete them or replace them.

  • @tk0wnz But is there any file that stops making rims dirty every 30 seconds?

  • @REYMEXzone
    Don't worry, I've got you covered :thumbsup: It IS entirely possible to remove the dirt. :thumbsup:

    No Dirt

    It will take a little work but it is totally do-able. Although there are undoubtedly other ways I'll give you a brief overview of the process I use (brief, as I'm just a little hungover). If you have any questions about any of the steps, I'll be happy to help you out with further details :thumbsup:

    Things you will need:

    Note: Once you get the basics try the 'Quicker Way (Possibly. Unconfirmed):' below & see if that works as it will save you a little time overall if it does :thumbsup:

    The basic process goes like this (just try one file to start with):

    • Extract the '.ydr' file/s from the ganjarims 'dlc.rpf' using drag & drop
    • Place it/them in a folder somewhere.
    • Download Texture Toolkit. Place it somewhere & create a shortcut to it on your Desktop.
    • Take one of the '.ydr' files & drag & drop it onto the Texture Toolkit shortcut you created.
    • Texture toolkit will open like this:

    Texture Toolkit

    • In Texture Toolkit select the dirt texture & then 'Edit' tab > 'Export' & choose a location for the file.
    • Grab yourself the Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop & install it.
    • Go to the previously exported .dds location & open the .dds texture with Photoshop.
    • Tick the 'Load Transparency as Alpha' box if it appears & then hit [OK].
    • In Photoshop, on the righthand side:

    Layer from Background

    & then hit [OK] in the box that appears.

    • Ctrl+A & then Ctrl+X to 'Select All' & 'Cut' (just a quick way to delete everything).
    • You should now have a checkered blank file. Hit Ctrl+S to save it & select these export settings in the box that appears:

    Intel Export

    • Hit [OK] to save the file.

    Note: Don't worry, you don't have to do this everytime :slight_smile:

    You now have a blank .dds texture that you can use to replace ANY of the dirt textures in ANY of the wheel '.ydr's :thumbsup: Just remember to rename it to exactly the same as the texture you are replacing ('disc_dirt', 'toyo_dirt' etc) before you import it into Texture Toolkit in the next step :thumbsup:

    • Back to Texture Toolkit & click 'Edit' > 'Import' & select your new blank texture & hit [Open]
    • The blank texture should now replace the texture of the same name in the Texture Toolkit box.
    • Remember to replace any other dirt textures ('disc_dirt' etc) that appear in the '.ydr' in the same way (rename the blank .dds to same name & then import)
    • After you have done that all that is left to do is Save the '.ydr' ('File' > 'Save' (or Ctrl+S) will do that)
    • You then take your new '.ydr' & replace the original in the ganjarims 'dlc.rpf' file structure.
    • Open it with OpenIV's Model Viewer & check the dirt textures are gone.

    That's it.

    A simpler way might be to... I'm hungover ok :slight_smile:... & I've not tested this & also, it's good to learn the previous way as it'll help you out in future for other things :thumbsup:

    Quicker Way (Possibly. Unconfirmed):

    • Open the '.ydr' with Texture Toolkit
    • 'Edit' > 'Export All'
    • Go to export folder & delete dirt textures
    • Back to Texture Toolkit
    • 'File' > 'New'
    • 'Edit' > 'Import'
    • Select all the previously exported textures (minus the deleted dirt ones) & hit [Open]
    • & then 'Save as...' choosing the same name as the original '.ydr' also typing the '.ydr' file extension
    • Replace original in OpenIV

    Unconfirmed: I reckon this quick way should work but I have not tried it in GTA V. Some games will give you weird warning/texture missing textures etc if textures are missing & although I'm pretty sure (99%) it will work (as I've never seen any warning/texture missing textures in GTA V) I can't say 100%. It's an easy test to figure out though. Try it on the '.ydr' of a set of wheels you have installed on one of your cars & if they appear normally without any dirt you're sorted :thumbsup:

    If you do try this quick way, let me know the results as I'd like to confirm it. Thanks :thumbsup:

    Any questions, give me a shout :thumbsup:

  • Wow, thanks for that man! :D

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