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How to spawn trailer with boat?

  • When you spawn the boat trailer with a trainer, the trailer comes by itself without a boat. I was wondering, how do you spawn the trailer with a boat attached just like you sometimes see NPCs driving around with?

  • Hey, I too was looking for it.Unfortunately I think it works with GTA online only....in single-player mode I only see empty boat trailers.I did found a way around using menyoo. Its not same as online and requires a little work.

    You can spawn the boat trailer and a boat.Attach the boat to the trailer and then spawn a bison to hook the trailer.Once everything looks good you can take it to the beach or lake and then reverse the trailer in water and then detach the boat to launch it.

    Hope it helps !!! :)

  • Edit: Trailers do spawn in single-player mode and I don't know how to spawn it in that way other than using menyoo.

  • @Yogeshk Yeah, I did end up having to use the menyoo spooner tool to attach a boat to the trailer. Not exactly what I wanted but it was good enough for me.

  • @ramrod yup the menyoo way is good if we are using a custom boat or a custom trailer but not as good as in-game trailers.

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