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"SCRIPT HOOK V CRITICAL ERROR FATAL: Can't find native 0x36D782F68B309BDA"

  • Hello. I have a similar problem as Danilo0101's one: I used ENT updates 28, 40 and the bugfix update 37. The update 37 worked well, now stops working when aiming a gun, but the game still works, just without ENT. Update 28 didn't work, samely, when aiming a weapon it stops and the game keeps running properly. The problems started with the update 40 of ENT: when entering a vehicle, the error sound can
    be heared and a small message box says "SCRIPT HOOK V CRITICAL ERROR FATAL: Can't find native (error code or what)". I searched a lot for properly-working trainers, but every installed one shows the same message when entering a vehicle. Yesterday I installed Menyoo trainer and it worked, even if when i tried to activate something (i don't remember what) in Menyoo, it stopped working, but the game was still running. But now, not so long time before i received error message "SCRIPT HOOK V CRITICAL ERROR FATAL: Can't find native 0x36D782F68B309BDA" as Menyoo is installed and every other used trainer was deleted. I reinstalled Script Hook V and ScriptHookV.NET, but the error still occurs. I moved nativeUI.dll from the scripts folder to the root directory. Nothing happened. I replaced dinput8.dll from the game's root folder with the one provided in the Script Hook V and nothing. It says "In order to load asi plugins you need to have asi loader installed, you can download it separately or use the latest version that comes with this distrib (dinput8.dll). You must delete old dsound.dll asiloader if you have one installed." I deleted it and the game still crashes. I putted back dsound.dll into the game's root folder and the error still occurs. I use v1.0.231.0 game version, as it appears in the provided text document. Alexander Blade's Script Hook V v1.0.1604.0 as it appears in the provided text document. Script Hook V .NET v2.10.8 which hasn't been scanned by VirusTotal, as it appears on GTA V's mods site. Learn about my PC that it popups all kind of advertisements, even 18+ ones, even though i installed an ad blocker, in vain. This could be like a virus or something which crashes GTA V? Can more mods crash the game? HotCoffee, Random Attackings, Hostages V, CRP, Sitting Mod, Police Chase Random Event, Bodyguard Squads (Advanced Bodyguards), Low Life Crime and LSPD: Dangerous Individuals (my fav one, i saw AlphaWhiskeySix's YouTube videos with it) now aren't working. I downloaded but didn't installed yet Bait Car.
    What should i do to fix this crash and to keep Menyoo trainer 'cuz it's cool? Should i reinstall the game or Windows 10 and only Menyoo or another trainer for it, excluding other mods? i didn't get it if the problem is with Script Hook V or native (nativeUI.dll, the only native i have).

  • Not sure why you're getting that error, that native should be available on your game's version.

    Some tips:

    • Remove dsound.dll. You only need dinput8.dll.
    • Install MalwareBytes and do a scan to find and remove those adware programs.

  • okay, thanks

  • Yesterday I reinstalled the game twice, 'cuz Malwarebytes removed a game file and couldn't launch. Now is working. Thanks for advices.

  • This happened to me when i played as spiderman and it crashed and says cant find native (you know error codes) and when loading story mode it keeps crashing anyone can help me ?

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