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Map Editor by Guadmaz not working

  • Help I have all the requirements and It won't work if someone can help me that would be great

  • Shooting from the hip, you need a 1.7 Native UI version to run it.

    The link in the downloads section redirects to version 1.8 which, actually, is not working with his editor.

  • @TheMurderousCricket I just tried and still not working

  • that mod is totally outdated. To make it work you should use old versions of the game and scripthookvdotnet. I recommend you try a similar one : https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/map-builder

  • You don't need old version of the game and scripthookvdotnet to get Map Editor to work. It currently still works for me on the latest game update, updated SHV, and SHVDN. Just need to use Native UI 1.7. Also, Map Builder adds things to Map Editor or Menyoo, it is not used by itself to build.

    Try out CodeWalker, you can build a map with that. There's a tutorial on this site about it.

  • @chonkie ,1.7 nativeUI its an old version, many mods dont work with that.

  • @josketer I know that, but the OP was wanting to use Map Editor. It is still possible to use Map Editor is what I was getting at, since that is all that they were concerned with in this post. I also just wanted to correct your statement saying to use Map Builder, since it isn't a map building mod, but just gives your more stuff to use with ME or Menyoo. And while many mods use nativeUI 1.8, many are still fine using 1.7. It all depends on what the end person wants to have for mods.

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