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[SCRIPT][WIP] Custom Radio Stations - More radio wheels, configurable tracklists, and more.

  • Custom Radio Stations


    Screenshot courtesy of ReNNie

    Discord Server

    What is it?

    Waiting for real radio add-ons for your favorite GTA station, but you're impatient? Or do you want to make your own personal station? Give this a try.
    Custom Radio Stations (CRS ) is a script which aims to extend the radio functionality beyond the constraints of the original GTA V radio wheel.
    In essence, more wheels, more stations, and many user-configurable options.

    Features and Changelog

    1.1.2 Upcoming changes not yet uploaded

    • The player's last 20 used vehicles will remember what station they were playing.
    • Fixed a bug where last used vehicles that were using a vanilla station will randomly select a custom station when getting in.
    • Added specific settings per wheel for icon sizes and wheel radius. Just create a 'settings.ini' file in the same folder where your station icons are, and insert the following:
    • [GRAPHICS]
      ICON X SIZE = 50
      ICON Y SIZE = 50
      WHEEL RADIUS = 300

    1.1.1 Upcoming changes not yet uploaded

    • Playing a station for the first time will now start playing from a random position in a song.
    • Custom station state will be remembered for the last 10 vehicles used by the player.
    • Getting into a vehicle has the random chance of playing a custom station.
    • Fix: Remove/reduce pop sound when playback starts.

    1.1 More native wheels, dashboard info, custom commercials, updated UI, and more!

    • Added ability to sort native stations across multiple wheels, just like custom stations! Standalone ASI version can be found here.
    • Added Background and Highlight images drawn behind station icons. Color and sizes are editable in settings.ini.
    • Added song info to vehicle dashboard. (Thanks to LucasRitter for sharing code)
    • Added option to disable help text and subtitles.
    • Added option to have custom wheel as default on first use.
    • Disabled flight and wanted music when custom music is playing.
    • Added option to disable wheel slow motion.
    • Added ability to play commercials randomly in between your music. Just add any audio file that has a prefix of [Commercial] to a station folder.
    • K-Rose and Master Sounds 98.3 tracklists updated.

    1.0 Initial Release

    • Custom stations are "live"; when you stop listening to a station, you do not simply resume listening to it at that same point - stations continue as if they were playing live, much like the vanilla radio stations.
    • Unlimited number of custom radio wheels - as many as your PC can handle.
    • Each station may have a custom image and description - both optional.
    • Each wheel may have any number of custom stations - I only recommend up to 18 per wheel however.
    • Each station may have any number of music files - the order is randomized per script load.
    • Support for the following file formats:
      • .mp3
      • .flac
      • .wav
    • Shortcuts (.lnk) are supported as well, so no need to duplicate your music and waste space.
    • Each music file may have an optional tracklist file associated with it - this allows you to display different song information in the wheel throughout the playback of a single music file, like the 1h 17m long V-Rock station from GTA Vice City. :smiley:
    • CRS automatically works with Mobile Radio by detecting if you have it enabled - through a trainer, for example.
    • Included is a settings ini file for more general settings, such as wheel icon size, wheel radius, and controls.

    Planned Features

    • Support for custom headphone/earphone prop/clothing when using mobile radio.
    • Ability to apply in-game "noise cancelling" when using mobile radio with headphones/earphones on the player character. I.e. reduce other world noise like cars, footsteps, etc.
    • Allow static emitters (via an emitters folder per station) and dynamic emitters (though exposing certain functions in the .dll) so that custom stations can be played in the world in 3D space, like in a club or casino, or from pedestrian vehicles. Maybe not anymore, might leave that to actual add-on radios.

    Requests and Bugs to fix:

    • Bug: Timescale issue; increases/decreases too slowly for some users. Might be fixed in 1.1
    • Spotify playlist support

    Special thanks to

    ReNNie, for being my guinea pig :hamster:,
    for providing helpful feedback and suggestions,
    for creating, editing, and compiling tracklists for past GTA stations,
    and for creating/editing icons for past GTA stations, as shown in the screenshot!

    Ambiera for irrKlang, making this script possible.

    Alexander Blade for ScripthookV

    Crosire and contributors for ScripthookVDotNet.



    Please install these and their requirements before installing this script.


    1. Open the zipped archive and drag all files and folders inside the "Custom Radio Stations Script" folder into your GTA V installation directory

    2. Navigate to the scripts\Custom Radio Station folder

      • Optional: Check the settings.ini if you'd like to change stuff. While in-game you can type radio_reload into GTA V's built in cheat box to reload all settings.
    1. Each of the folders inside represent a single wheel. You can add a new wheel by creating a new folder, or modify an existing wheel. Let's open the GTA VCS folder to add music to our GTA Vice City radio wheel.
    2. In this folder we already have a bunch of stations set up. All that's missing is the actual music files.
      Unfortunately we cannot share the music here but you can easily find them on Reddit.
      Anyway, let's place your downloaded V-Rock station (Vice City Stories version) into scripts\Custom Radio Stations\GTA VCS\V-Rock
      Make sure the music file and the tracklist ini file have matching file names!

    All set! You will now see your added station in the appropriate custom wheel.

    How to add more wheels?

    Simply create a new folder in scripts\Custom Radio Station. Name it whatever you want!
    Empty wheels will be ignored by the script.

    How to create my own station?

    1. Select one of the existing wheel folders or create a new wheel.
      Ex: scripts\Custom Radio Station\MyCustomWheel
    2. Create a folder within this folder to represent your new station.
      Ex: scripts\Custom Radio Station\MyCustomWheel\MyPersonalRadio
    3. Optional: Add a .png image if you want a custom image for your station.
      Ex. scripts\Custom Radio Station\MyCustomWheel\MyPersonalRadio.png
    4. Now add your music files to scripts\Custom Radio Station\MyCustomWheel\MyPersonalRadio
      The following formats are supported:
      • .mp3
      • .wav
      • .flac
      • shortcuts (so you don't need to duplicate your music collection and waste storage space on your HDD/SSD, I recommend using this)


    1. That's it! Your music will be sorted randomly and played back in-game. The filename will be displayed in the custom wheel as the following:
      Filename: Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze.mp3
      How it would display in the reel (text-centered):
      Jimi Hendrix
      Purple Haze

    Please note that station folders without any music files will simply be ignored.

    But what about one big music file for a station? Introducing...


    Tracklists are for displaying multiple song info for one music file (.mp3, .wav, .flac, shortcut) instead of just the filename.
    The script archive already includes tracklists for most past GTA stations. Please note that some are incomplete currently and will be completed at a later time.
    How to make one:

    1. Create a new .ini file with the filename matching the music file you'd like to make the tracklist for.
      Ex: Electro-Choc.flac and Electro-Choc.ini

    2. In the ini file, follow this format:
      hh:mm:ss artist || song name

      hh, mm, and ss indicate the hour, minute, and second at which the track starts.

      For example:

      00:00:00 || hosted by DJ Francois K (IV)
      00:00:10 Padded Cell || Signal Failure 
      00:03:36 Black Devil Disco Club || The Devil in Us (Dub) 

      Lines that don't follow this format will simply be ignored.

    3. That's it! Save the ini file and check in-game. You can also reload tracklists in-game using the radio_reload cheat.

    What is a station.ini file?

    The files allow you to create descriptions for each station which show in the wheel when selected. Just copy an existing station.ini from one of the included stations and modify it.
    Example of a station.ini file:

    ;Use ~n~ to enter a new line. Use \n to enter a double new line.
    ;Do NOT use the ENTER or RETURN key to enter a new line. It will be ignored.
    ;More text modifiers (bold, new line, color) can be found here: https://pastebin.com/nqNYWMSB
    DESCRIPTION = ~italic~"The most discerning of contemporary dance floors with cutting-edge sounds" ~italic~~n~~y~only on Electro-Choc with Francois K ~o~ (IV)

  • Kinda sad it's posted now as we just received proper audio editing and we can add stations the native way by file editing

  • @HeySlickThatsMe oh?
    Is it possible to add multiple wheels or are the stations added to the single wheel? If it's the latter then there is still a use for this imo.
    But in that case I will not add the emitters idea as that's better handled by the game.

  • @stillhere Well not radio wheels but you can add new stations now (without icons unless you edit .gfx that is) but I still really like the idea of having few radio wheels

  • @HeySlickThatsMe is it possible to add stations without having them shown in the wheel? If yes then I can add an option to display them in a custom wheel; that way there is no issue regarding space, and everything else will still be handled by the game for better performance. Also icons can be loaded from a regular directory rather than from a texture dict containing other radio icons - makes it easier for users to add/remove stations as they please.

  • Great idea but will it be liek original stations? I mean like when you exit the car you can heart it inside?

  • @stillhere Yeah it is, there is few hidden radios that only play in interiors such as the strip club music playlist

  • More Radio Wheels

    Only works in game version 1.0.1493.0 and later!

    Quick description on what this does:

    • This is meant for users that have a ton of real add-on radios installed. Instead of having your radio wheel look like this, you can split all your stations into smaller wheels.
    • Unfortunately, there is a bug in which Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR) is always present in every wheel. Not sure how to fix this.

    Installation and How To:

    Custom Radio Stations version (introduced in version 1.1)

    1. Make sure CRS is installed properly.
    2. Navigate to [GTA V installation directory]\scripts\Custom Radio Stations\
    3. Open NativeStations.log with notepad.
    4. Also open NativeWheels.cfg with notepad.
    5. In NativeWheels.cfg, you can create a new native wheel by typing a name between two square brackets.
      Ex: [My Favourite Stations]
    6. Under that wheel, you can add the names of the stations that you would like to appear in that wheel.
      The names can be found in NativeStations.log.
    [My Favourite Stations]
    1. That's it! If you ever add more real add-on stations, NativeStations.log will be updated at game load and you can copy the name into NativeWheels.cfg.
    2. Tip: You can reload your wheels.cfg in-game by pressing ~ on the keyboard and typing radio_reload.

    More Radio Wheels [ASI] version

    1. Download the script and copy MoreRadioWheels.asi and the folder MoreRadioWheels to your GTA V installation directory.
      Do not install this if you have CRS installed, they will interfere.
    2. Navigate to [GTA V installation directory]\MoreRadioWheels\
    3. Open MoreRadioWheels.log with notepad.
    4. Also open wheels.cfg with notepad.
    5. In wheels.cfg, you can create a new native wheel by typing a name between two square brackets.
      Ex: [My Favourite Stations]
    6. Under that wheel, you can add the names of the stations that you would like to appear in that wheel.
      The names can be found in MoreRadioWheels.log.
    [My Favourite Stations]
    1. That's it! If you ever add more real add-on stations, MoreRadioWheels.log will be updated at game load and you can copy the name into wheels.cfg.
    2. Tip: You can reload your wheels.cfg in-game by pressing ~ on the keyboard and typing radio_reload.

  • Hello!
    Can I add custom radio stations to standard native wheel?

  • @Songb1rd Not with this mod, you have to do it natively.

  • unless im blind, i cant see anything on reddit about these tracks, can't you link it? or dm me a link?

  • Hello. Is it possible to add support of Internet radio stations?

  • @Aleksey321 It is possible but I will possibly have to do a lot of restructuring in the code. If I find the time, I will research it.

  • I still think you could do static/dynamic emitters. It'd be easier for technically inept people like me to setup instead of having to make an add-on station from scratch, and it adds more realism instead of only having the cars I drive to be able to pick up these other stations.

    Also, I occasionally get an audio glitch on CRS where a song ends and there's a very brief loud blip of audio before moving on to the next track. Not sure if it's because of CRS or my music.

  • @FunnyStarRunner The idea is still on the table. It isn't particularly hard to do but it will be time consuming and may affect performance if not done right. Sadly there is no easy access to the sound functions in the game engine so it won't sound nearly as nice as the built in radios in ambiance; basically the audio will be played mono (1 channel) and then adjusted between the left/right channels to (sorta) simulate 3D sound.

    That sound glitch is because of CRS, but more specifically the library that I'm using to play audio. Or maybe I'm not using it right lol. But I may have found a fix for it (as mentioned in the version 1.1.1 changelog above), just haven't tested it thoroughly.

  • @stillhere do you think it's possible to make the radio script work in fivem (client-sided or server-sided)?

  • @SHHADA I'd have to replace some scripthookvdotnet functions to make it work client-sided; it wouldn't take long. But for server-sided, it would probably be better to create real add-on stations

  • The 'skip' button crashes custom radio and prevents you from using it until you restart the game. I've also seen it crash upon opening, possibly because of changing radio station too fast.

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