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[SCRIPT] [RELEASED] Personal Driver Mod

  • Personal Driver / Chauffeur Version 1.0

    Choose your Wheel - For the first time, in Driver Mod, the script allows you to choose, a vehicle from different sets. Do mind, Vehicles will cost you the money.(WIP)

    Choose your Chauffeur / Personal Driver - Now, choose one from set of peds as your designated driver, since, each will be carrying different sets of driving skills, and it will cost you a bit. (WIP)

    Support all land-based vehicles

    Realism - This mod will add the realistic feel to your game-play, as both Driver and Car you choose, will now cost you the money.(WIP)

    How to Install -
    Extract PersonalDriver.dll to your GTA V/Scripts folder.

    H - To open the menu
    Arrow keys - Navigate through options
    Enter - To make the selection
    Backspace - To return to the previous menu/exit from menu
    G - To enter the spawned car as passenger.

    P.S. If possible, first navigate your character to the passenger side and then hit G key, to avoid uncertain issues.
    P.P.S. Kindly note, if Way-point is set, it will automatically pick up the way-point, else it will just cruise around.

    Leagle copy of GTA V

    Work In Progress(WIP)
    More Cars to be added with different categories. E.g. Sports, SUV, Heavy, Sedans, Hatchbacks etc. Currently only one Car added(Washington without any price)

    More Peds as driver options to be added with different categories. E.g. Security, Police, Bodybuilder, Celebrities etc. (Currently only one ped as driver added Lazlow without any price)

    Distance Calculator - Distance calculator will be added, which will calculate and display distance and ETA(Hopefully) ;)

    Bodyguards to Hire - This feature will be for you to choose along with your states, Different sets of Bodyguards will have different sets of weapons and skills and af-course the cost will be varied.

    Option to set selected Radio Station as your favorite.

    More to explore. :)

    P.S. I am very new to mod and this is my first mod, which took me more than 20 days to make. But finally I did it. :) Thank you all for your patience and support.

    If you like it leave it a thumbs up.

  • First Mod Ever

    Still Awaiting Admins approval. :)


  • And its Approved.
    @rappo Thanks a lot for the quick approval bud. :)

  • Version 1.1 is up and awaiting for admin approval. @rappo Please do have a look.
    P.S. Added INI configurable file, price functionality and fixed few bugs.

  • Version 1.1 is up.

  • Version 1.2 is up.

    New Features

    -Configurable Price - Now you decide, how much do you wish to pay
    -Select your ride - configure this option in INI file and the given car now can be your ride(Only default vehicle supported currently, I will be adding add-ons soon.)
    -Distance Calculator Added - It will calculate the distance between you and the ride you called
    -Updated Menu & Font Style
    -Driver-Blip Added Now you will be able to track your ride, when you re-call it, and where it goes once you are off.
    -Refresh Way-point Logic Added, now, at any given point in time, if you wish to change, refresh your way-point, you can do it and then just simply hit this Refresh Way-point option from the menu.
    -Dismiss the Driver option Added

    • Whole new logic to make Driver to Drive to most accurate location

  • ------------Minor Release in version 1.2.1---------------
    Menu options are now dependent on each other. This means, script is now very less likely to crash.
    Changed the Blip/Icon name to driver(By Default, it was Enemy)
    Other Bug fixes, and this release is more stable than Version 1.2

  • Current Version 1.4(Major Release)

    -Escort Feature - An escort feature added to the mod. Now, you will be able to spwan 2 cars, where 1st car will lead and 2nd will follow it's lead. :) Now arrive in more style. :P TIP : This is great for Roleplay and cinematic effects. :)

    -Major chunk of Code Re-written - This time, the major chunk has to be re-written in order for me to add this function where for the most of the times, AI used to drive off way.

    -Blip Method for Escorted Driver - Added a blip to escorted driver as well. So now, you will have 2 blips on the map.

    -Dismissal Order changed - Earlier it was only one car to be taken of, now there are 2(And may upto 6 in the future. :P) So, they both will dismiss and leave your sight as soon as you hit only one option.

    -Major, Minor Bug fixed - Some Major, minor bug fixed.(Stil few bugs are expected.)

  • Alright, so just a quick update on the work, as I wasn't able to provide any feedback in the meanwhile, so here is the work status.

    1. Mobile Call Numbers are added, so now, no more spawnning of Primary car/escort car/bodyguard car from the UI menu, they all are added as mobile contacts, in the phonebook

    2. Now all the objects will spawn at certain radius so, you won't be able to see them, rather, you will just be seeing a blip on minimap/map driving towards your location

    3. I was having issues with bodyguard not following to the player, but now it does, I had to fix up couple of function sequences

    4. Now, bodyguard will follow you when you are on foot, and when you want to enter your uber ride, bodyguard will enter his bodyguard car, only assigned to the bodyguards. So you will have plenty much space open.

    5. Primary weapons added to the guard and I am trying to add the function, where if player brings out his gun, then only bodyguard does the same. If player is in fist fight, bodyguard will switch either to fist or to baseball bat etc.

    Issues I am dealing with

    1. This took hell of a time, for me to identify, but all the 3 drivers will flee, if they see/hear gunfire. I am trying to find the fix and will be soon enough. I think there is a native function for that, I read somewhere, TASK_SET_BLOCKING_OF_NON_TEMPORARY_EVENTS
      So will check and confirm.

    2. I couldn't find the way to add the options on mobile contacts, like Refresh the way-point, Recall the Driver and Dismiss the driver, so those are on the UI menu, and it will be like this for a moment.

    3. At the moment, I have included all services you call/opt for(Uber Ride, Escort Car & Bodyguards) will be dismissed on a single menu, let me know should I keep them dismissed separate or all at once.

  • So just on a quick note, here are functions/features working fine

    1. Spawning of Vehicle, drivers far from you.
    2. On Call Request of the functions.
    3. Pricing added to the mobile contacts
    4. Bike support added
    5. Due to the bike support, now you can enjoy Bike Buddies Ride, here is an example


    1. Speed Variations and route checker added, so now, whenever your fellow bikes/cars will fall behind in your way? Don't worry, they will catch you soon. Speed Variations are added to all 3 rides, so both escort and bodyguard ride, will now, catch up to you fast.


    1. Due to the script limitations, whenever you will be calling primary ride, it will come to you without following the road laws, but for the rest two, you might have to wait for 5 or so secs, so that, they come back from taking the proper route. This happens, only when you want your ride to your location

    2. No Secondary weapon as of yet added for bodyguard

    3. If you call for bodyguard, he will spawn near you, but his ride, will spawn at certain distance, so you might have to wait for few seconds, till his designated driver drives it to your location.


    P.S. Special Thanks to CamxxCore for his mobile wrapper library, thus I was able to add the contact numbers to mobile as function calls. :)


    P.P.S. Screenshot Quality Sucks, since, don't have proper tools to capture it on full screen mode, and neither do I use any graphics mod. It's just too much hassle. :D

  • Version 1.5(Major Release)

    -Mobile Contacts - No more UI Function to spawn the driver or Ride. All 3, Uber Ride, Escort Ride & Bodyguard Ride are now part of built in Mobile Contacts.(Thanks to CamxxCore for his Mobile Wrapper Library)

    -Bike Support Added - Bike support added to the mod, now just change the car type in .INI file, and appropriate driver will now arrive on bike. :D(Make sure you have 2 seater bike.)

    -Spawn at Distance - Now, your rides, will spawn at certain distance, and will drive towards your position, for more realism.

    -Majority Code Re-written - Major code has to be re-written in order for me to add call and bodyguard functions.

    -Bodyguards Function - Added a bodyguard & bodyguard ride function. So now, you will have 3 rides on map.

    -Dismissal Order changed - As commented earlier, it was 2 cars till last update, now there are 3 rides, 3 drivers and 1 bodyguard has to be included in the dismissal order.

    -Major, Minor Bug fixed - Had to start, restart, crashed game, stuck/hang gameplay, for me to test and fix it. But hey, its worth it. :)

    @gamevidsnorwegian @yeahhmonkey @LeeC2202 @vanishare @Pleasance13 @andrestall @CamxxCore

  • @ashishcw Good work (:

  • Just saw your new update bro, very nice! Why don't you make a VehicleSeat array of all possible vehicle seats? :) Then you can iterate through it with a for/foreach loop! something like:

    Foreach (VehicleSeat vs in VehicleSeatList) {
    if (Vehicle.HasSeat(vs)) { //not the exact function name, can't check right now
    //Add to list of available seats

  • This post is deleted!

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