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Vehicle Shops- Cars, boats, planes etc.

  • I'd do this myself but there are no tutorials on how to do it, since nobody else has even made these I'm not surprised. Or people are just too damn secretive...

    Put a marker somewhere to access a menu like the clothing stores or LSC lists and have vehicle names and a price to pay for them. Heck make config files so people can make their own lists/prices to save time for making the actual mod itself.

    Vehicle Shop List (cars)
    Stanier $5000
    Buffalo S $25000
    Osiris $1000000

    You get the idea.

  • Have you tried using the Ifruit app on i'm not mental's Single Player Appartment (SPA) mod? It has pretty much exactly this with the added bonus of garages to store them in

  • No. I wanted to make my own for the community but nobody is willing to share how to do it. His one is buggy (at least the premium shop) and refuses to fix anything and its for cars only.

    So I thought if nobody is willing to share how to do these things more experienced people will take the idea and make one.

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