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Updates every time.

  • I install a mod, and then it updates it. But I'm using the rockstar one and not the steam one. Any help?

  • You need to create a Mod Folder with in the game it should look something like this alt text
    make sure you have Open IV.asi installed too and dinput8.dll as well also try to change the opening of update.rpf so you know witch file is loading or not

  • In OpenIV, at the top click on tools and click on ASI Manager and make sure you install the top 2 things. Then create a folder called mods. In the mods folder copy and file/folder in the root folder (regular GTAV folder) If you want to get a folder like dlcpacks you have to copy the entire "update' folder. If you want like x64A.RPF just drag it into the mods folder. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

  • Go Here http://openiv.com/?p=1132 I had the same issue.

    Lots of people here are nice and full of solutions.

    You will also have issues with add-on cars after editing the DLClist.xml file. You'll need to get your hands on a new gameconfig.xml as well.

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