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[Tutorial] Making Add-On Cars into Replace!

  • Ok so first off, back then 2 years ago I made a tutorial like this but I still see people asking about it here and there. Here is my old one (https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/12734/how-to-make-add-on-car-to-replace). So imma just put this here in the right section for more people to recognize and see the way of making Add-On cars into replacement.

    But back then I may have make it too confusing so I am going too made a video (no voice). Just going through the steps through a video.

    Back in 2016 we didn't have a car that look close to the i8 so this is gonna be updated with not using the Dominator but SC1

    The extra thing at the end that I was about to put, it is about replacing the image of VEHICLE PREVIEWS in menyoo custom

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