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Can anyone have Rogun Mods

  • if someone have Rogun Mods please upload it on on mediafire/google drive/mega or any other website

    I like his mods so much but i don't know why he remove his all mods don't know whats going on in his/her head he upload his mods and delete them all. after 1 or 2 months he came back to this website &said i make mods for last time. he makes some more awesome mods & again delete them its 4th or 5th time he remove his all mods. last time he say i have a cancer i need money and after some time he just delete his all mods, blog, his ID like always.

    so if you have rogun's mods please reupload them cause i like his mods but not his style of uploading and deleting because he don't respect this website and this GAME - GTA 5

    & one more thing after removing his mods from this site he start selling his mods on other website for 25 USD for just a tanktop of trevor

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