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Police Backup

  • Hello. I'd like to know where to find the police mod YouTuber AlphaWhiskeySix uses. I asked him, but he didn't tell me. LSPD: Dangerous Individuals is great, but I can't get backup in chases and button B gets stucked and I can't open the menu. Anyone knows the mod Alpha is using?

  • It's LSPD: First Responders. A mod that let's you be a member of one of the many law-enforcement agencies. If you have it installed, you can indeed press "b" and call various backup units to give you a hand.

  • thanks :)

  • It's LSPD: First Response on lcpdfr.com and I know it, 'cuz I installed it, but rage plugin hook didn't worked as it said it's not compatible with my game version.

  • Rage Plugin Hook v0.64.1234.15464 from ragepluginhook.net, the only one available for download from the website.

    "The current game version is not supported.

    Installed game version: 877
    Latest game version: 1604
    Supported game versions: 1604

    The installed game version (877) is not supported. This build of RAGE Plugin Hook is made for version 1604."

    Where can I find a compatible rage with my version or a game version compatible with this one (1604)?

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