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Errors with Custom Ped

  • Im trying to convert a ped to gta v and after exporting with gims evo everything seemed fine in OpenIV and Codewalker but the game crashes after i change my character to the ped i created.

    Then i tried to export the .ydd to .odd and import it again into 3dsmax to see what's wrong with it but i got this error:0_1548166599488_upload-e4e80488-f138-4282-81b5-f5fe26649a17

    If anyone has come through this error and knows how to fix it i would appreciate the help, thanks!

  • @ArthurLopes Did you rig the model? And attach it to its skeleton?(.yft)

  • yep, everything is fine. actually i just managed to make it work but making everything use the same placeholder material.

    but now i have another problem with the model0_1548169745300_upload-992254ed-3bf2-458f-8384-1e87b1a6aa9e

  • some bones are correct but most of them are screwed 0_1548169861878_upload-f0ebd89d-ed02-4ecf-ab51-7be96b00cf26

  • here is a video showing the actual state of this thing:

  • @ArthurLopes Looks like it’s using the wrong skeleton or not rigged, but likely the incorrect skeleton. Also the ymt might be incorrect as ell due to it appearing as a monster or replaced the textures incorrect. When you attached it to the skeleton, you exported the ped and added it in game using the same skeleton?

    Did you use Zmodeler or 3dsmax? I use Zmodeler but send me the ped and I’ll see what’s wrong with it.

  • @MegaDeveloper Im using gims evo and 3dsmax, and i managed to make everything "work" but the armature seems to be rotated in 90 degrees or something. but at least my textures are working now, but i still need to edit the ymt to add the other cosmetics to the ped.

  • @ArthurLopes Can't believe I saw that haha!

    Anyway, theres a problem with the skeleton(armature) that is attached to the ped, I'm no 3dsmax expert so I can't help you there unfortunately.

    Best of luck!

  • thanks, i'll do my best!

    its probably some in the .skel file. if i use the original one from the original ped it goes like this: 0_1548280328238_upload-68434726-a093-47c9-9d14-0c319d424e22

  • I managed to fix some stuff but it is kinda using the original skeleton, i even tried to use zmod 3 to export a custom .yft with my armature but it has no effect.

  • managed to make the armature to work but the ik stuff is kinda weird alt text

    alt text

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