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Massive Lag after the update,even when the mods are disabled

  • Hey everybody,after the hours of reinstalling the game with dvd and all the mods one by one,I finally managed to open up the game,but this time Im having a problem which I didnt experienced before,in this game.I m having so much lag,that I guess the game is running at 6-7 fps and It doesnt depending whether If Its stock game without mods or not. I didnt have such a bad performance in the previous updates,and my gpu usage is roaming between % 97-%98,which,I guess, not normal aswell.Because my pc just got rebooted when I was trying to ride a motorcycle at that lag.And this time I decided to explain my problem to you guys.So I hope anyone can help me,thanks for now.



    And this time I decided to explain my problem to you guys.

    Well, aside from the frame rate and GPU usage, we don't know anything about your system, your game and your mods. That might be a better thing to start with. Check also this thread.

    Some useful info for this specific problem would be

    • Game version
    • Computer specifications
      • Processor
      • Amount of RAM
      • Graphics
      • HDD/SSD and space left on the drive GTA is installed on
      • How the computer runs other games

    Also be sure to check if your drivers are up-to-date and all that kind of maintenance stuff.

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