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Map Editor help!

  • Hi all

    I was just wondering if anyone experienced with 'Map Editor' could tell me where to find VFX such as smoke effect, fire effect etc. I'm fairly sure they're accessible but so far not found them among the 1,000's of items.

    I've tried looking in the list of items .txt, and found various VFX elements but can't access them in the editor. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Also, FiveM, Ymap, would anyone reccommend these?



  • @Millerrrr Its best to use Menyoo as it has all PEDS, vehicles and objects for you to use, and the ability to set tasks.

    I've used Map editor in the past and the only thing I liked about was the relationship factors as it had more to choose from.

  • Here's the rub.

    I LOVE menyoo. It is really cool. But for some reason it kills my framerate. Whether it clashes with other mods I run or not I'm not sure, but my system reacts very strangely when I run it, even down to the noises the actual PC makes.

    Which is sad cos its amazing. If there was a way to split down Menyoo perhaps into smaller chunks like Trainer and Spooner it would possibly solve it. Plus last time I ran it got a load of ASI errors so its kind of dead til I upgrade my system (which I'm pretty happy with aside the fact I can't spawn any bloody smoke / fire VFX in Map Editor!!!!!!)

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