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[SCRIPT] fixed modkit_ID asi


    with just about every vehicle mod author still using modkit_ID's past 1024
    it means every vehicle added manually has to be re-assigned a valid entry over 450 but below 1024 to work properly ingame
    so it's always searching for free entries and keep track of the occupied numbers

    alt text

    alt text

    the latest example being Rmod Custom's LB750SV with modkit_ID 1634....

    my humble request would be:
    is it possible for someone talented to create an asi that sets the modkit_ID to a valid user inputted entry
    either when entering the vehicle or when spawned inside via any script like sjaak's ST or ikt's addon spawner

    so detect when the modkit_ID is set to value xxx in carvariations and carcols
    then replacing xxx with that valid modkit_ID entered by the user in the .ini
    this way the vanilla modkit_ID's that are identified by R* will remain untouched by the code

    <id value="xxx" />

    would then recieve modkit_ID 421 upon entering for example
    when a new vehicle is spawned and entered, it will recieve that modkit_ID again

  • The actual kit ID doesn't matter, and the name doesn't need to contain the kit ID. You can make the <kitName> e.g. my_modkit_whatever and it doesn't need to have a number in it at all. So just edit the <id value="whatever"> to an available modkit if you have a conflict.


    all of that is publicly known yes

    but not what I desire the asi to do, please reread

    I desire an asi to set a fixed Modkit_ID upon entering the vehicle

  • I'm not really sure if this is possible at all, since the modkit id value code from Unknown reads a number which doesn't relate to modkit id, just relates to order in which the vehicle was parsed/loaded into the game, it seems like.

    In any case I hadn't been able to find that value.

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