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Liveries do not work on cars windows

  • Hey! I'm playing the last version of GTA V, with an updated Scripthook, OpenIV, etc. And i've installed around 200~ addon cars with the FOLDER method from Reyser, and also I have installed NVR and WOV.

    I've added some downloaded liveries on some of those cars, they're working on the game, but the part that it's suppossed to appear in the windows, doesn't work.


    • They're added renaming the livery to er34_sign_2 and er34_sign_3, so I have and empty space without livery.

    Those Liveries are Itasha Drift Livery by zsodd and Evil Empire Vinyl by SEXY. Car is the URAS-SKYLINE ER34 by Vsoreny

    I think that's all the information that you need, ask me if you need to know something more!
    Thanks in advance.

  • @xEnzo
    I downloaded the car & liveries & got the same results as you. Turns out the windows always use the design that is used in 'er34_sign_1'. So it will be impossible (in the current release anyway) to get more than one livery that has a window design element functioning correctly in any one car at any one time (unless similar design etc).
    Your best work-around would be to create multiple ER34's, one for each window element livery you use & one for your empty space/no livery (which is admittedly a bit restrictive & convoluted).
    @Vsoreny ( URAS-SKYLINE ER34 author) may be able to confirm if it is even possible to have multiple glass designs in the same car?
    Edit: Someone else confirmed it IS possible to have multiple on same vehicle. Just not on this car in it's current release it would seem. :thumbsup:

    Livery 01

    Livery 02

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