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[Help] Want to remove objects, lods, and unload their respective IPLs

  • Hello all! I'm using codewalker to generate information about a few entities on the map (more specifically the world props at the airport...of course) and I found the name of an object that I'd like to remove. When doing some research, I'm coming across some terms like IPL's, and WPL's. I understand you can't just delete the model because it may:

    1. Cause a crash if the ytd or ymap files of the removed item is linked to any other files
    2. Work fine but you'll still have to get rid of the LODS and the LODS are loaded by IPL's, so if you can find a way to unload the IPLs it's gg on you.

    My only question is: WTF are IPL's and WPL's? and how can I locate LODS to IPL's?
    I'm not using a map editor to do it because it's a terrible and lazy way to learn how to complete a task!

    Also, if someone has the hierarchy for Objects (like):

    Then that would help me (and others with the same issue) understand as well, but whatever you can offer, I'd LOVE! Thanks!

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