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  • and although I have built a coffee in a building but when it rains then you can see how can you do that you can not see that?

  • @Armazocker29 Ok you built a coffee shop in some kind of map editing program, and that it can rain.

    The rest I can’t understand.

    Can you tell us what problem do you have?

  • So I have a coffee built into a building and when it rains then you see that in the coffee


    @MegaDeveloper im assuming he means he built a coffee shop and in rainy weather the rain comes through the roof as if it wasn't even there

  • @Armazocker29

    1. Sie haben eine Kaffeetasse in einem Gebäude erstellt, aber wenn es regnet, können Sie in der Kaffeetasse Regentropfen sehen?
    2. Sie haben ein Café eingerichtet, aber Sie können sehen, wie im Gebäude Regen fällt?
    3. Sie haben ein Café in einem Gebäude gebaut, aber wenn es regnet, wird alles innen nass?

    1 oder 2 oder 3? Dank :thumbsup:

    Translation of German to English (for anyone that may view his answer & possibly have a solution):


    1. You have created a coffee cup in a building, but when it rains, you can see raindrops in the coffee cup?
    2. You have set up a café, but you can see rain falling in the building? (most likely)
    3. You've built a cafe in a building, but when it rains, does everything get wet inside?

    1 or 2 or 3? Thanks :thumbsup:

  • Some static objects don't actually work completely i.e most Ymaps that provide new interiors still allow rain to be let inside

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