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Modded single player, trying to play gta online as vanilla....a sad story.

  • Ok guys, i have a single player full of mods, all pretty stable and working well...today i decided to play for the first time in gta online, so reading some forums i tried to use vanilla game by deleting Scripthook, scripthookdotnet and the asi loader....then i enjoyed the online gaming without issues at all. Once i decided (tonight) to play some single player, just re-adding the scripts mentioned (previously deleted from the game directory), the game just crashed in the loading like ''gameconfig'' related issue... Now the game keeps crash and crash even if i completely deleted all my addons...so the game just fucked up by itself. pls help

  • so the game just fucked up by itself

    No, it fucked up by user error

    Here's some steps to work on it:
    Step 1. remove any and all mods that are not contained scripts folders (i'e' mods and base)
    Sep 2. verify the game files (articles exist online to do this for steam and possibly retail versions)
    Step 3. re-install your mods one at a time (including re-doing the mods folder), taking the time to ensure you're running the latest versions. It may also help to start the game and load in after each one to ensure they work and so you can backtrack if it crashes.

    Also, it might be a good idea to have two installs. One for modded SP, the other for online.

  • thank you for the reply, but i literally removed that 3 elements from my directory, i played online for 2 hours, then i re-added them into my directory and game started crashing. just that, i didnt change anything inside the mod folder, the script folder or even the directory. Before this the game was totally stable e worked perfectly.

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