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hi all i need some help

  • hi i am in need of some help getting Menyoo working
    were do i install it and do i just put files in game
    ive tried putting in the game files then going on game pressed f8 and nothing
    is there something im doing wrong

    thanks gavin

  • Place Menyoo.asi and menyooStuff (and any other important-looking files) in the GTA V directory.
    Also you need install ScripthookV , get it from here: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/

  • Having the same issue with EVERY trainer, I just re-installed after taking a 6 mo break, came back and nothing works now, Script Hook V and GTAV.exe are same versions

  • @josketer said in hi all i need some help:


    hi all again thanks for reply
    i have downloaded ScripthookV but its saying missing files is there anywhere or anyone who got the full files
    thanks again gavin

  • @gavthestig66 , I recommend you read this post. There it is perfectly described how to install mods, scripts and other things to the game.


  • @gavthestig66 ( @vonericson maybe run over this too, see if anything pops out at you/something you forgot etc :thumbsup:)
    Make sure you have downloaded Scripthook from the correct link:

    Scripthook correct link

    ie NOT the 'For developers' 'Download SDK' one. If you have done this you will have to remove every single one of the files in that download from your 'Grand Theft Auto V' install first as they will cause all manner of problems (refer to download & search for & remove any files & folders of same name from 'Grand Theft Auto V' directory).

    Once that is complete (if it was required) download Scripthook from the correct link on this page, then open the 'ScriptHookV_1.0.1604.0.zip' & install only 'ScriptHookV.dll' & 'dinput8.dll'

    Scripthook Install

    into your main 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder (ie place in same folder as 'GTA5.exe')

    Download Menyoo & then open the 'MenyooRelease.rar' & place 'Menyoo.asi' & the 'menyooStuff' folder

    Menyoo Files

    in the same folder as you placed the previous two files (ie 'Grand Theft Auto V'. Where 'GTA5.exe' is).

    So in the end you should have all four files in the same place in your 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder:

    Example (just for illustration, ignore missing GTA5.exe etc files in pic):

    Grand Theft Auto V folder

    That is all that should be required to get Menyoo working. If you are still having problems reply back to this topic with screenshots of your main 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder, 'scripts' folder (if you have one) & any other folders where you have placed any '.asi' or '.dll' files. Provide log files ('.log') & a description of the exact problem you are facing also. Thanks :thumbsup:



    EXTRA - Getting a 'mods' folder working:

    For a 'mods' folder you will need to download OpenIV & then use it's ASI Manager (OpenIV > 'Tools' tab > 'ASI Manager')

    OpenIV Tools ASI Manager

    to install the 'OpenIV.asi'.

    OpenIV.asi will allow GTA5 to load modified '.rpf' archives from a folder called 'mods' that you manually create in your main 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder (you guessed it, same place 'GTA5.exe'). Note: You will also need to manually copy & paste whatever '.rpf' archives you need/want to mod from your main 'Grand Theft Auto V' directory ('update.rpf', 'common.rpf', 'x64a>w.rpf' etc) into your 'mods' folder file structure following the exact folder structure to get it all up & running.

    ie 'update.rpf' goes here etc:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf

    See '"'mods' folder file structure:" pic below or my post here for an alternate description of what is required.

    OpenIV ASI Manager Menu

    The 'ASI Loader' one should say 'INSTALLED' (ie turns from blue to green) already as you have already installed 'dinput8.dll' but if not (ie blue) install it again. It's safe to install & uninstall these three OpenIV plugins at will any time you want.
    I don't use the 'openCamera' plugin but you can install that too if you use Rockstar Editor.

    'mods' folder file structure:

    mods folder file structure

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