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[Vehicle]Thruster Replace/Addon TR3 Black Manta Request!

  • Hi modder's!
    I came up with an idea to add a military reconnaissance 'UFO' to the game called the TR3b or TR3 Black Manta. Since the thruster can hover, that would be a good vehicle to use as a base. This would probably be better as an add-on vehicle so you could still have the thruster. Then to make it more versatile in hover mode, one would have to mess with it's handling file, and also make the craft faster in normal flight mode. This Manta sits on three legs supposedly, "tripod" landing gear as one would call it. On each corner of the craft is a bright white light, and a blinking red light in the center. The color of the Manta is black/flat black, gloss black would be okay with me. Obviously the real life counterpart of the TR3B is virtually silent in flight according to thousands of eye witnesses in Belgium years ago. But I would just keep use the jet sound from the thruster for it, maybe make the sound quieter if possible. I will post some links to photo's of this craft for an idea.
    Here is a model you can buy of the craft, though I recommend a black paintjob..
    Bottom pic of that model..
    Side view of the same model..
    Same model done in black, but black out the blue top..
    Top and bottom view..

    I would love to do this myself but I no experience with a modeling program. I recommend the craft to be the same size as the Hydra, don't want it too big. The only thing I am not sure is how the player character would enter this vehicle. I guess just make him "teleport" inside? Also a good model name would be either TR3B, Black Manta, or Military UFO.

    I searched all over the net and there is no mod like this and I think it would be an awesome addition to GTAV's vehicle mods! Please let me know if your interested or have any questions! Thank you modder's!! :)

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