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"Incomplete fuel trail" bug in Crystal Maze Mission

  • Hey fellow modders,
    I recently started a new game and I am on the mission 'Crystal Maze' for Trevor. Okay so you take out the O'Neil goons and make your way inside, so far no problem. So I get down to the basement and pick up the jerry can and start pouring the fuel until I get outside So far so good right? I shoot the fuel and it starts to ignite but then stops and there is no cutscene of the fire going down the stairs into the basement and detonating the lab. I fail the mission and it says 'Incomplete fuel trail'..wtf? I have done this missions dozens of times and never had this issue. I tried this 10 times just now and I keep failing with the same message. My game is fully up to date and not heavily modded and only two add-on aircraft.

    Can anyone do me a favor and play this mission and see if it does the same thing to you? I want to know if it was R* that broke something or if it's a mod or something. I am going to keep trying so I hope someone here can try this to see if it works for them or not. Please let me know, thanks.

  • Okay, I figured it out after messing with the game and removing mods one by one. One of my script mods was causing this. Mission seems to work correctly now. This latest update has seem to have made a handful of mods not work at all anymore.

  • Since it is an old thread, I'm throwing a hail Mary here.

    I've having a similar problem, when I shoot the gasoline trail, the cutscene starts but freezes after about half a second, then my game crashes.

    I've actually had the exact same problem about 1 year ago, but then uninstalled the the game (due to buying a new computer). I find it really odd that the game crashes on the same cutscene one year later, and on a new computer!

    What mods did you use? I only have vehicle mods and the heap adjuser etc.

    Thank you in advance.

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