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NaturalVision remasterd install error

  • Hello, I just tried installing NaturalVision remasterd with the .OIV Installer, but got an error. I tried again, got another error. I looked through the code and the only thing i gained from it was that /Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/Vivid_NaturalVision/dlc.rpf was unable to be opened, and sure enough, when i tried going there, it said that the archive was an unknown file type or it was corrupted (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/401099306167435269/538806498231320589/IMG_20190126_204439.jpg). So i tried deleting the Vivid_NaturalVision folder, but the same error happened. Here's my OpenIV install log https://pastebin.com/D7ukAkQ5 . Can anyone help?

  • It could have been you could of had a network error in downloading it... That could have corrupted the file... I recommend re-downloading it i utilize it every time i play and works fine for me even when i installed i had no problems... But you might want to check to see if your files are not corrupt... Go here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/verify-game-files-without-steam

  • So i just did the verification, i re-tried installing NVR, Still fails during installation. So that didn't work. Do you, or any other have tips on how to fix this issue? I even thought about installing redux, but i think that mod looks terrible, lol.

  • @AKruchov Maybe try to install the optional add-on to it in the description of the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/naturalvision-photorealistic-gtav Or if you ever get an error code that is inside a popup dialog box and if it shows this error (0xc0000005) go here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/application-error-0xc0000005/6224ae45-a251-4f21-b076-74524618d00a BTW just head to the first reply on forum post for more information

  • I'm afraid i don't know what you mean... I don't see an "optional add-on" anywhere? I didn't get any popup error messages. And i also don't know what you mean by "just head to the first reply on forum post for more information"? What forum post? What reply? I'm confused, aha..

  • Look if you got an error and it had that error code thats what the forum was for the link it was obvious. Now in the description you can find this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/visualv
    Heres where its at in description: https://imgur.com/a/hOwKeEz

  • @JeffParkerModHDx And what i mean by obvious is that yes i know i posted two links but only one had a forum reply and or fourm post.

  • @AKruchov


    • Before reading further I would run check disk on your C: drive. This will take a little time to complete (average = ~10min SSD > 40min HDD) & you won't be able to use your computer as it runs as Windows starts when done on an OS drive but it's highly advisable to get that out of the way before tackling unable to delete file/folder issues :thumbsup:
      Instructions here & then see if you can delete the 'Vivid_NaturalVision' folder & it's contents. If you can, try installing the 'NaturalVision Installer.oiv' again & see what happens.

    • Running 'sfc /scannow' from elevated (admin privileges) command prompt to repair any corrupted Windows .dll's is also advisable. Instructions here.


    • If you still can't delete it try using the 'SUPERDelete File Removal' ('SUPERAntiSpyware' > ''System Tools') functionality in SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

    • Note: If SUPERAntiSpyware is running you can right-click the folder & select 'SUPERAntiSpyware' > 'SUPERDelete file removal' to do the same thing. It might take 20>30 secs for the folder to delete. If it doesn't dissappear on it's own try deleting it yourself about a minute later (or in very rare cases a restart then manual delete may be required) :thumbsup:

    I downloaded the latest version of NaturalVision Remastered to have a look at the files & installed ONLY the 'Vivid_NaturalVision' dlc (didn't want to mess up my files with full install). It installed correctly so there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the 'Vivid_NaturalVision' 'dlc.rpf' I got anyway.

    Having a look inside the ''NaturalVision Installer.oiv'' I noticed this:


    <archive path="update\x64\dlcpacks\Vivid_NaturalVision\dlc.rpf" createIfNotExist="True" type="RPF7">
    <add source="mod\dlc\Vivid_NaturalVision\content.xml">content.xml</add>
    <add source="mod\dlc\Vivid_NaturalVision\IGNORE_THIS_DLCPACK.txt">IGNORE_THIS_DLCPACK.txt</add>


    "You do not need to add this dlcpack to your dlclist.xml file.
    This is only used to disable an older version of the texture pack for users.
    The new version of the texture pack is installed to the "NVR_textures" dlcpack. Do not touch this."

    So seems to be a non-vital 'dlc.rpf', just used to overwrite a previous version of NVR to remove the chance of texture conflicts etc. If you don't have that previous version you should be able to just skip installing the 'Vivid_NaturalVision' dlc part & as long as there are no similar problems with 'NVR_emissive' dlc (I think that is all that was left to install before you got the install failure) NVR should install & function 100% perfectly for you :thumbsup: If you want to try that, follow the instructions below:

    Remove Vivid_NaturalVision dlc from Installing:


    • First of all make a backup of the original 'NaturalVision Installer.oiv'

    • Then get yourself a copy of 7zip & install it.

    • Right click on 'NaturalVision Installer.oiv' & select '7zip > 'Extract to "NaturalVision Installer"

    • A new folder called 'NaturalVision Installer' should appear

    • Open the folder & then open 'assembly.xml' in something like Notepad++ (get it :slight_smile:, it's far superior to Notepad :thumbsup:)

    • Search inside the 'assembly.xml' file & delete these four lines (2nd block of data from bottom) & then save it ('Ctrl+S'):

    <archive path="update\x64\dlcpacks\Vivid_NaturalVision\dlc.rpf" createIfNotExist="True" type="RPF7">
    <add source="mod\dlc\Vivid_NaturalVision\content.xml">content.xml</add>
    <add source="mod\dlc\Vivid_NaturalVision\IGNORE_THIS_DLCPACK.txt">IGNORE_THIS_DLCPACK.txt</add>
    • Now right-click the original 'NaturalVision Installer.oiv' & select '7zip > 'Open Archive"

    • 7zip should open & look like this:

    7zip NaturalVision Installer

    • Drag your newly edited 'assembly.xml' into the window

    • Confirm the file copy by pressing [Yes] & then close the 7zip window with the red [x] top right

    • Double-click on your new (slightly edited) 'NaturalVision Installer.oiv' & install it :thumbsup:

    See how you get on with that & get back to me. Any questions, I'm happy to help :thumbsup:



    I think this is overkill/shouldn't be necessary but if you really must have the 'Vivid_NaturalVision' folder & 'dlc.rpf' after successfully installing your (slightly edited) 'NaturalVision Installer.oiv' you can manually create it yourself (as long as you can get access to that 'Vivid_NaturalVision' folder & replace files etc)

    Vivid_NaturalVision Manual Install:

    • Create a 'Vivid_NaturalVision' folder in '...\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks'

    • Place inside the folder a copy of ANY other 'dlc.rpf' you have that you know works

    • Use OpenIV to access the 'dlc.rpf' in the 'Vivid_NaturalVision' folder & delete ALL of the files inside it so that it is completely empty

    • Next, go to 'NaturalVision Remastered by Razed\Manual Install\update\x64\dlcpacks\Vivid_NaturalVision\dlc.rpf'

    • Drag & drop the 'content.xml' & the 'IGNORE_THIS_DLCPACK.txt' into OpenIV & into the empty 'dlc.rpf' you created just before this

    • That's it. Done. Your install of NVR should be identical to everyone else's :thumbsup:

    Any questions/issues let me know :thumbsup:

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