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Melee weapon vs guns, why???

  • Hi guys!

    I know that the game forces a character to flee in front of another who has a firearm. But I would like to know if there is any mod that cancels this, and makes them reckless.

    Thanks a lot!

  • @Fabito48hd
    Here's a few that are similar to what you want (descriptions copied from mod pages):

    Relationships Mod - Less Cowardly Peds 1.1 -
    I felt so sick of around peds exactly know player's position and runaway from me,
    of course in real life, if someone make problem, around peoples cant know where the problem cause position exactly.
    So when apply this mod, peds dont runaway from player when cause problem. and animals dont runaway.
    (but sometimes when aim gun to ped, runaway T.T... i tested a lot of time but dont know how to fix)
    this is for only player, so fighting with peds each other, runaway~ and peds car near to animals and player car near too,animals runaway.

    Strapped Peds 1.0 -
    All pedestrians will no longer be unarmed, they will all have pistols. They will not flee from anymore fights, they will just take out their pistol and shoot you if you aggravate them. Pedestrians are tired of taking bullshit from anybody.
    Don't insult or mess with pedestrians for no reason anymore, as they have the power of the 2nd Amendment! They will shoot police or any other pedestrian if shots/insults/fights are fired.

    Bystanders are Ignorant Pieces of Shit 1.5 -
    Bystanders are fuckin ignorant - this edits the way peds react to shocking events around them by giving them more fucked-up options to react with than them all just running away like pussies all the time like in the normal game..
    When you're fighting people/getting your ass beat other peds not involved in the fight won't randomly run for their life anymore ... they stick around and keep chatting/smoking/watching/filming/using their phone etc. many will even watch and record the fight/dead bodies lying around.... it's a cold world out there ...
    Gunshots have been edited as well - rockstar's block_ped_spawning_when_gunfire_is_heard bullshit is now gone so areas no longer empty out while you're still busy killing there... some peds will ignore and even try have some balls towards gunshots in various ways too...until the barrel's pointed at them ! shook.... that's los santos for u...
    All my edits still make some ppl flee don't worry ... it would be fuckin stupid if no one at all did.. they just don't unrealistically clear out the -entire- block like a quarantine zone anymore and are more prone to watch if they weren't directly involved.. like irl if you hear gunshots around the way u don't immediately run for ur life.. u might not even know they were gunshots if it was only a couple etc

    Note: I don't have any of these mods, just did a targetted search for them & that's what I found. These kinds of mods will be in either the [SCRIPTS] or [MISC] sections of the main site if you want to have a more thorough search :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks a lot dude!

    I'm going to try those mods and I'll tell you the result.

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