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Will it be possible to remove the plate? / Será possivel remover a placa?

  • Hello everyone, I have a question, I wanted to know if it is possible to remove license plates, I think they are very big and they disturb the designer of the vehicles, leaving them very ugly because the plate is too big
    An example is this bike that in photos has no more board, in my game she is with board

    Olá pessoal tenho uma duvida, queria saber se é possivel remover placas de veiculos, acho que são muito grande e atrapalham o designer dos veiculos deixando eles bem feios por conta da placa ser muito grande
    Um exemplo é essa moto que em fotos não tem placa mais, no meu jogo ela esta com placa

    alt text

  • @Danilo0101
    You will only be able to remove it (with a trainer etc) if it is a vehicle extra on that bike. The only other way would be if the model ('.yft') was unlocked & editable in ZModeler3. You could then use ZModeler to remove the plate (which is still not an easy task as you'll need to learn how to use ZModeler). :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th 177/5000
    So I was looking for this file (yft) of the board, however I only found (ydt) of textures, I have no problem in mecher with ZModeler just wanted to know what the file name would be

  • @Danilo0101
    The plate itself will be on the vehicle in it's 'vehiclenamehere.yft' :thumbsup: ('vigero.yft', 'virgo.yft' etc)


    Only editable in ZModeler3.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Many thanks for all the information, thank you for the help. :flag_br:

  • @Danilo0101
    No probs bud :thumbsup:

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