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Most real to life list of mods for GTA V? Ideas?

  • As the title says, I'm gathering a bunch of mods to make the game as real to life as possible. Not worried about textures at the moment. More like script mods and such.

    At the moment I'm gathering all driving type mods. If anyone has played or used these mods any info would be helpful.

    I gathered these driving related mods and was wondering which would be the best setup for realistic driving.

    Realistic Driving V using the Deformation file and Realistic Top Speed
    Realistic Road Grip - Which should be used? 20% or 30% Less Grip?
    Go Stuck Yourself
    Inverse Power
    GTA IV Style Handling
    Realistic Truck Handling

    That should cover every type of vehicle. Right now I'm using Realistic Driving V, Realistic Road Grip 30%, Inverse Power. And I'm sliding all over the place like I'm ice skating. Turning like a shopping cart, and come to a stop like I have no brakes.

    What would be the best setup of all those mods together? Which files from which, etc.

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