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Mp Male Emergency Outfits install problem HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • So, i downloaded Bad Company's Mp Male Emergency Outfits and i can't get the combat pants or shirts to work with M,T & F Please guys im begging for help how can i get that stuff to work with M,T & F.

    Mod Here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mp-male-emergency-outfits

  • You posted about this once. Why duplicate it here and here? Also, the all caps and multiple exclamation points is unnecessary.
    You've already asked on the mod itself and it's just barely been a day. Give them time to respond rather than panicking. Same goes for these forums, if someone has ideas, they'll try to help, no need to make duplicates and post like it's life and death to get an answer. I've reported the other two posts merely as duplicates in order to help clear up the forum and make it easier for someone to help you by having the admins check and perhaps close the other two to make it easier for someone to just get to this post to reply.

  • @V2II_soarin Don't spam. I've deleted your other topics.
    @Anonymoused281 Thanks for reporting.

  • @Jitnaught Thank you for the quick moderation 👍

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