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bodyguard squad help me

  • don't work this mod script hook and dotnet native ui are the lastest version what problem??

  • @munminseo
    Hard to tell without logs etc but best guess is that the mod needs updated to work with NativeUI 1.8. Try going back to NativeUI 1.7 to fix that :thumbsup:
    Please pop back & confirm if it works or not. Thanks

    Going back to NativeUI 1.7 may cause any/some mods/scripts that you have installed that absolutely require NativeUI 1.8 to function to either stop functioning or have weird behaviour etc. This is case dependent & nothing can be done about it until the Bodyguard Squads (& other NativeUI 1.7 mods) are updated/fixed so they work with NativeUI 1.8. If you are in this situation, for now you will just have to choose between them.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    native ui 1.7 also don't work...

  • I also think @munminseo that some of the "Bodyguard" scripts simply don't work anymore. Not sure why though...

    Alternatively, you can use Menyoo to spawn armed peds and you can edit their properties, relationships (this is what it's called I think?) to follow you around and defend you in case of a firefight.

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