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Tail lights are very dim after installing NaturalVision

  • Hey guys,

    Normally i don't ask help because i try to solve the problem on my own. But i have already been searching for 2 hours but still can't find how to fix this problem.
    I installed NaturalVision with also reshade and enb. But now, the lights at the back (tail lights) are dim (not the lights on the roof). I'm speaking about the lights when u put ur siren on. Idk how to solve this problem. I have alreday tried to install radiance, the add on in the pack of NaturalVision, but nothing helpend.
    Do some1 has an idea?
    I really appriciate ur help guys!!!


    pic: BACK
    pic: FRONT


    Have you tried - not - using his carcols?
    So keep that file vanilla in update.rpf and the patchdays

  • Thx for the quick answer. So what do i have to change in update.rpf and the patchdays? I don't want to do omethign wrong and mess everything up ;)

  • @GummyBearBE
    You should be able to fix it using ENB:

    In 'enbseries.ini' search in the '[VEHICLE]' section for 'EmitterIntensity=' & raise this value.

    There is also a section called '# emissive bits' in 'visualsettings.dat' that does the same thing (think ENB edits 'car.emissiveMultiplier' value probably) but with more control over independent (headlight, tailight, indicator, brake light) with day & night settings also. It looks like this (your number values will be different):

    # emissive bits
    car.headlight.day.emissive.on	 10.00
    car.headlight.night.emissive.on	 10.00
    car.headlight.day.emissive.off	 0.05
    car.headlight.night.emissive.off 0.001
    car.taillight.day.emissive.on	 44.0
    car.taillight.night.emissive.on	 2.0
    car.taillight.day.emissive.off	 25.0
    car.taillight.night.emissive.off  2.0
    car.indicator.day.emissive.on	 10.00
    car.indicator.night.emissive.on	 10.00
    car.indicator.day.emissive.off	 0.30
    car.indicator.night.emissive.off	0.003
    car.reversinglight.day.emissive.on	20.00
    car.reversinglight.night.emissive.on	3.00
    car.reversinglight.day.emissive.off	0.10
    car.reversinglight.night.emissive.off	0.003
    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on	50.50
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on	10.50
    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.off	0.003
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.off	0.003
    car.brakelight.day.emissive.on	56.00
    car.brakelight.night.emissive.on	30.00
    car.brakelight.day.emissive.off	25.0
    car.brakelight.night.emissive.off	2.0
    car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.on	56.00
    car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.on	30.00
    car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.off	25.0
    car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.off	2.00
    car.extralight.day.emissive.on	9.00
    car.extralight.night.emissive.on	9.00
    car.extralight.day.emissive.off	0.005
    car.extralight.night.emissive.off	0.005
    car.emissiveMultiplier 2.00

    I think the settings in carcols just control the brightness of the light emitted from vehicle lights (ie headlight beam/red light on ground behind vehicle etc). I can't quite remember so correct me if I'm wrong & also I haven't tested the:

            <emmissiveBoost value="false"/>

    boolean in 'carcols.ymt/.meta' to see if that has any effect on the actual lights on the vehicles. Also, not sure how the corona intensity etc settings influence taillights etc brightness. I used to know this implicitly 2 years back. Gonna do a quick test to confirm :thumbsup:

  • @GummyBearBE
    Safest way to get what you want is editing ENB 'enbseries.ini' search in the '[VEHICLE]' section for 'EmitterIntensity=' & raise the value. This is a global value that affects ALL vehicles in the game so it will be all about finding a balance as some modded cars lights may be too bright while others are too dim. Use the '<emmissiveBoost value="true/false"/>' value in carcols.ymt/.meta to tweak dim lights to be brighter (true) & the bright lights to be dimmer (false) once you learn a bit more about the game & are confident you know how to edit carcols files :thumbsup:

    Only the:

            <emmissiveBoost value="true"/>

    has any influence over the brightness of the lights on the vehicle. The other settings just alter the brightness of the light emitted (headlight beam/red tailight on ground behind vehicle). The difference in brightness is only slight but that's still a damn useful discovery for me given the variation in car taillight intensity in modded cars & the fact it can be applied on a vehicle by vehicle basis :thumbsup:

    Here are some comparison screenshots:

    01-ENB 1.5

    02-ENB 1.5 emmissiveBoost True

    03-ENB 1.5 emissiveboost true - tailLight intensity 100

    04-ENB 1.5 - emissiveboost true - tailLightCorona size & intensity 100

    05-ENB 10.5


    @a63nt-5m1th said in Tail lights are very dim after installing NaturalVision:

    I used to know this implicitly 2 years back.

    The longer one mods, the more one forgets it seems

    Great reference post with the values explained

  • @a63nt-5m1th , ty so much for ur help and time. I rlly, rlly appriciate it. I tried to change the emitterintensity like u said but its doing nothing. On default it was 1. Than i just tried with 10 but its doing nothing.

    This is when its on 1.

    I tried with 10.

    If u look close at the lights at the back. Its not even bright. (the diffirence between the 2 are just bcs i took the screenshot at a diffirent time) The other lights are brighter, thats correct.

    Do u have maybe an other solution that i can try? If u want to, I can show it with discord (share screen).

  • @GummyBearBE
    What vehicle is that exactly? Link to the mod & I'll take a look at it :thumbsup:

    Edit: Looks like the Ford Crown Victoria from Los Santos Police Department Mega Pack [ELS]? This one here?

    If it is that car, those white trianglish lights at either side of the number plate are the reverse lights. They should get brighter when you are reversing the vehicle?

    If you do however still want to edit their brightness. These are your options:

    visualsettings.dat (Note: these setting will affect ALL vehicles):


    car.reversinglight.day.emissive.on	20.00 --- how bright in daytime when car is reversing
    car.reversinglight.night.emissive.on	3.00 --- how bright at night when car is reversing
    car.reversinglight.day.emissive.off	0.10 --- how bright in daytime when not reversing (ie their minimum daytime default brightness)
    car.reversinglight.night.emissive.off	0.003 --- how bright at night when not reversing (ie their minimum night default brightness)

    Note: Be careful when editing any of the 'emmisive bits' light settings in 'visualsettings.dat'. As this is a global all vehicles setting you may end up with the odd car with super bright blinding reverse lights etc.

    The only way to increase the brightness without affecting any other vehicles is to find the

          <lightSettings value="1"/>

    the vehicle uses in 'carvariations.ymt/.meta'

    Then find that setting in 'carcols.ymt/.meta' ('<id value="1"/>' in '<Lights>' section of carcols, in this case) & then edit the

            <emmissiveBoost value="false"/>


            <emmissiveBoost value="true"/>

    for the type of light (headlight, indicator, reverse, taillight etc) you want to edit. As you can see in the pics in my previous post it doesn't raise the brightness by much (compare pics 1 & 2) but to my knowledge there is no other way of doing it without affecting ALL other cars unfortunately. As with many things GTAV related, a balance & compromise must be struck.

    Best of luck. Let us know how you get on :thumbsup:

  • Be careful when editing any of the 'emmisive bits' light settings in 'visualsettings.dat'. As this is a global all vehicles setting you may end up with the odd car with super bright blinding reverse lights etc.

  • @GummyBearBE
    Did you get this car in the pack I linked to above? Do you have 'Emergency Lighting System' (ELS) script installed & working correctly? 'police' VCF/'s contained in the download installed correctly also? Those vehicles are designed to work with ELS.

    Also, can you give us a detailed description of exactly what the issue is? Which lights do you actually want brighter (as you circled the reverse lights, the headlights, the taillights... etc :slight_smile:).

    • Is it that when they flash on they are not bright enough? (your taillights look pretty bright in all your pics).
    • Is it that when they are not flashing on they are too dim?
    • Is it all the lights you have circled that are too dim or just some of them? Which ones exactly?
    • To clarify, we are talking about the physical lights ON the cars yeah? Not the light emitted onto objects around the car or anything?
    • Give us as much detail as you can :thumbsup:

    I reckon you might be looking for these settings (they control the brightness of the siren lights. Raise the values for brighter):

    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on	50.50
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on	10.50
    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.off	0.003
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.off	0.003

    Also be aware that raising these values will also increase the brightness of certain vehicles dahboard lights making them brighter than the sun (especially in 1st person driving) & blocking your view. Blame Rockstar for that. Depends on your Reshade/ENB/Timecycle but much higher than the 'on' values I have above & you will begin to notice dashboard supernovas.

    Note: If the car you are using has been designed for use with ELS you may well be better off trying that first/at some point. I've never used ELS so I don't have a clue about how it works just that it's all about the siren light patterns & those vehicles probably work best with it installed. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Look @ ur chats :)

  • Solved. Fixed with Corona Begone I believe.
    @GummyBearBE Correct me if I'm wrong on ^that :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th , no yo arer correct, this is solved with your help. I really appreciated it! :) Thx!

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