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GTA5 Crashing After 10 Minutes

  • Hello,

    My GTA5 crashes after around 10 minutes of gameplay - and any time when doing something slightly demanding e.g helicopters, driving quite fast or heading into the main city where there are many cars.
    I have absolutely no idea what may be causing this, and i'm not sure what things i need to post here like log files etc so sorry about that.

    Sometimes it won't start at all and is sometimes quite inconsistent at starting up.

    For my mods, I have Natural Vision Remastered, IVPack, World of Variety (with Expansion) and quite a few addons (not needing a gameconfig just yet)

    Thanks for reading - if you have any tips or can help please reply :)


    Maybe try using a gameconfig.xml?


    you say at "slightly demanding" stuff your game crashes...
    can your PC handle running it? whats ur cpu etc like when running it?

    but as the wise @ReNNie said in the reply above, try a gameconfig. you might think you don't need one yet but you probably do

  • Sounds like a Gameconfig issue however it depends on what you've actually installed to make the game crash my best guess is that its WOV as the gameconfig is seriously outdated

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