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No Trainers or mods working

  • As the title implies I installed the game new ran once then installed scripthookv, openiv, simple trainer and menyoo (yes they are installed correctly...) get in game and nothing works, simple as that, f3, f4, f8 nothing. GTAV.exe shows a current version of v1.0.1604.0 and so does scripthookv so does anyone have any insight here? Any help would be appreciated.


    If you do not have any logs in the game folder than scripthookv is not being loaded

  • @ReNNie How do I create these "logs" I tried playing the game for a bit and saving, making new saves, no logs seem to appear

    EDIT: Nevermind figured out what went squirrely

  • @vonericson , have you installed ScripthookVdonet2 too ?

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