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Disable pistol whip?

  • Does anyone know which values to change in order to disable the melee attack used when standing too close to a target with a gun drawn? Mods like Realistic Melee include is among other content but I would like to find out how to at least remove the "bash" or "pistol whip" from side arms. Essentially, I would like to shoot at point blank range. If anyone knows what values might affect this (Im assuming somewhere in the weapons meta?) it would be a big help.

  • @saintMantooth

    Close Quarters Kill

    Remove 'AllowCloseQuarterKills':

              <WeaponFlags> AllowCloseQuarterKills </WeaponFlags>

    from the '<WeaponFlags>' line in 'weapons.meta/weaponrevolver.meta/weaponsnspistol.meta' etc :thumbsup:

  • Wow, worked like a charm! Now all i have to do is hunt down the pathways for the SNS and high powered pistol and Im set. Thanks so much for the help, i would have never found that

  • @saintMantooth
    OpenIV > Ctrl+F3 > 'Search in 'mods' folder only' in dropdown box > Search for 'weaponrevolver.meta'/'weaponsnspistol.meta'/'weaponheavypistol.meta'/ etc :thumbsup:
    If multiple search results of same file use the same process as replace cars to figure what file is loaded by game. Look at folder path (update.rpf beats patchdays, patchdays beat x64a>w.rpf) :thumbsup:

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