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Modded guns have broken animations sometimes?

  • Weapons like the assault rifle and shotgun experience occasional broken animations after being replaced with a modded version. For example when replacing the sawed off with Jridahs Mossberg 500, it will float in front of my characters hands pointing straight down. If i change them back to the vanilla weapons the problem goes away.

    It seems to happen mostly with active enemies on the map. Does anyone know what might be causing that?

  • Well, the conclusion is that either they are mods of badly developed weapons or that you forgot to modify some file to correct that problem. Or it could also be that you are using modified characters instead of the vanilla ones (franklin - michael - trevor) and that is why those modified weapons do not fit well ....You should check with the author of the mod.

  • @josketer Most if not all of them are the top rated or downloaded mods so I'd hope they're not poorly developed (I'd hope) and I pretty much just use vanilla franklin. I've even tried clean installs but it doesn't seem to change. I've noticed the topic pop up a few times on the forums, I was just hoping someone figured it out over the years. But thank you for your advice.

    P.s. I have noticed if I do ever change the player model or animation it uses the broken animation everytime

  • @saintMantooth , Ok, that's why I told you to ask the author of the weapons mod. If you use the vanilla players , then the error must be in the modified weapons or maybe you forgot to modify some file of said mod.
    In my case, I have tried some characters (tommy vercetti, duke nukem ...) using the vanilla weapons and they have that same defect that you mention. Instead I have tried with others ones like the t-800 and it works perfect.

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