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Email notifications?

  • Could you guys add a feature to which the user will be able to receive emails from the site on notifications? I do not get the browser notifications like how a popup will show and say what the notification is does not work for me on google chromes browser.

  • @JeffParkerModHDx Do you have the forums website always open? You will only get the desktop notifications if the site is still up on your browser.

  • I do not get them those popups never show i am not for sure why but i still want email notifications so if i am away and dont have time to check or if i lost internet to soon and did not have the time to go back. I can use the cached emails i have and check it.

  • @JeffParkerModHDx
    I agree that email notifications would be useful.

    Regarding the popups, are you sure you allowed them when the site first asked you? You might want to try allowing it by following these instructions: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en (the "Allow a site" one)

  • Thank you bro i just added this site to allowed section i guess by default all pop-ups are blocked. So thank you bro this will help me.

  • @JeffParkerModHDx test test test did you get a popup

  • No but i do know its probably my malware bytes. When i was at my therapist about yesterday or 2 days ago i wanted to show him my work and he could not access the site because of his AV but i utilize malwarebytes which also blocks popups and others but i now know how to fix it due to you actually reminding me that the pop-ups can be blocked by external programs and or the browser.

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