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Modifications and copyright

  • Hello, I have a question about copyright when creating modifications. As it is with the addition of mods, I recently had a case where my mod on the sound of loading the game was not accepted even though the song is generally available on the net. As it is with mods acceptance since mine rejected and, for example, fashion where there are registered trademarks pass verification positively? From what I know such signs are also protected by copyright.

  • The most accurate answer I guess is "it depends".

    In many cases, giving an explicit credit to the copyright owner and an "intention clause" is enough to save you a trouble of having to deal with ticks and leeches lawyers representing artists or companies involved. Just an example:

    "Video made with Rockstar Editor. The GTA V game and all contents depicted in the video are an intellectual property of Rockstar Games and Take-Two interactive. No copyright infringement intended."

    Some people also explicitly state that they are willing to discuss any nuances with content owners' as long as they are able to prove, beyond all doubt, that they indeed represent someone's interest. The general rule is to always give credit and to be as transparent as possible.

    In many cases, content creators and copyright owners are pretty relaxed when it comes to using their work in conjunction with other pieces of work. In others, rules are very stringent and you simply have to make some research before you act. Better safe than sorry as they say.

    Replacing the loading tune is a somewhat obscure situation. First and foremost, there comes a question of whether you bought the music legally in the first place. Then, there are mod upload rules. Then, of course, comes a trouble of determining if the original author expects people to use his work for likewise applications.

  • ok, I only understand why since the song is generally available on the web does not pass verification and reserved trademarks yes?

  • Just because a song is on YouTube doesn't mean it can be distributed freely everywhere else on the internet. That would be considered piracy.

  • @Jitnaught said in Modifications and copyright:

    Just because a song is on YouTube doesn't mean it can be distributed freely everywhere else on the internet. That would be considered piracy.

    True. But again, it depends. Note that in case of OSTs, posting and re-posting of these materials is generally tolerated. GTA's soundtrack alone is a good example - there are several channels listing radio songs and musical scores from that game and no action was taken to take these videos down. Some of these date back to 2014.

    Unfortunately, in many cases copyright infringement is qualified as such depending on a vaguely defined "intent" of whether one purposefully broke the law or if they had no intention to do so. Of course, if you attempt to make money from something that includes material that belongs to another person or entity, the story is different... It does constitute a misdemeanor or even a crime.


    copyright infringement has nothing to do with the intent of making money but everything with the unlawful distribution of files

  • Well, it does.

    If you write a book, half of which is copy-pasted from another book and then you sell your "work", it is both an intellectual property crime and an "unlawful distribution" issue.

  • @ReNNie now from a different barrel, a few days ago I threw 2 more songs as the sound of charging and have not yet been verified, why? I would add that these songs are my own created from scratch and to which I am as full as possible

  • @Bigsnick

    A Verified Mod Author is any user who has 3 uploads already verified by moderators on 5Mods and whose account is older than one month.


    You've been a member since January 14, which is not a month.

  • @JitnaughtI do not mean if I am a verified author of modifications. I already have a few mods that have passed the positive verification and added two more to the sound of charging the game. The fact is that the modifications I added later passed the verification and these two fashions are still waiting for verification.I will add that the songs are entirely authored by me personally because I am also responsible for creating music and I have full rights to these works.

  • @Bigsnick This is the wrong topic for that. Use this topic: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/14021/mod-approval-thread

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