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Ymaps won't load/not appearing in-game

  • I recently downloaded a few Ymaps because I got bored of the same old GTA V but for some odd reason they won't load even though I added the dlclist to the archive?

    Any ideas as to why this is happening?

  • @SLY95ZER
    What I do is use the add-on 'custom_maps' dlc that is packaged in Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter & then add:


    to my 'dlclist.xml'

    Then, any/all '.ymaps' I download I place in the 'custom_maps.rpf ' here:


    No need to install separate 'dlc.rpf' mods/have multiple 'dlclist.xml' entries. Just use one map mod that works & throw ALL of the '**.ymap'**s you download into the same place :thumbsup:

    How many 'dlclist.xml' entries do you have in total & are you using a modded 'gameconfig.xml'?

    Do you have any other '.ymap's that work? If so, take the '.ymap's from the three downloads above & place them in the same place as the working map mod's '.ymap's :thumbsup:
    If these are the first three you have downloaded try the mod I linked to above. Install it, add the entry to 'dlclist.xml' (remove the other non-functioning map mod lines while in there) & then dump ALL of the '.ymap's into the 'custom_maps.rpf' I mention above.
    Test it out like that & if you still aren't seeing any map changes get back to me with screenshots of your 'dlclist.xml' entries & where you are installing the '.ymap's (OpenIV showing folder structure). Thanks

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thing is none of the Ymaps are working I added <Item>dlcpacks:\custom_maps</Item> to my archive but still nothing

  • @SLY95ZER
    Post your 'dlclist.xml' to Pastebin & give me screenshots of your '.ymap's folder structure & I'll take a look at them :thumbsup:

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