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  • Does anyone want to help me make a whole spongebob .oiv pack? I want to get into modding but want help learning some stuff message me if your interested

  • I love spongebob bro it’s my top show along with bobs burgers but what do you need help with if it’s modeling sorry I can’t I am not trained In that profession so I am not good. But coding c# I am descent at.

  • @JeffParkerModHDx and if we have any troubles with c# I have a friend who can help.

  • @jogbot500 but i can only help that is only if you need some scripts.

  • @JeffParkerModHDx I'm not great at c# but I do modeling help as well

  • @jogbot500 If you want me to help just hit me up on my messages on here please and thank you.

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