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[ Tutorial ] - How to stop Muscle Cars from doing Wheelies

  • Given the fact that you are here, I presume you also detest Rockstar's new gimmicky muscle car wheelie functionality. Luckily for us, it's pretty easy to get rid of :thumbsup:

    You can get this done in ~5>40mins tops (depending on how organised you are). I have all my modded files extracted in an exact replica of the in-game folder structure so this took me ~ 2 secs to complete the file changes & ~ 3>4 mins to install the files (using the 'Automated (Intermediate)' process below).

    Basically, all that needs to be done to remove the wheelies is change this line in a vehicle's 'vehicles.meta':


    to this:


    Note: ANY other 'VC_?????' value ('VC_MOTORCYCLE', 'VC_UTILITY', 'VC_SUPER' etc) will work to do the same just as long as it's NOT 'VC_MUSCLE'. I just chose 'VC_SPORT' as in my mind it is probably the closest to 'VC_MUSCLE'.
    Also, this process should work in reverse. Say you want another 'vehicleClass' of vehicle to be able to do wheelies (might be interesting on a Motorbike or even a Train lol) all you have to do is change their 'vehicleClass' line to 'VC_MUSCLE' & it should work (Note: Theoretically anyway, untested).

    Automated (Simple):
    All you have to do is open up the 'vehicles.meta' files & then use something like Notepad++'s replace functionality ('Ctrl+H') to replace the value 'VC_MUSCLE' with 'VC_SPORT'.


    Automated (Intermediate):
    If you have your files extracted mirroring the game folder structure you can do ALL 'vehicles.meta' files in one go by using Notepad++'s 'Find in Files' functionality ('Ctrl+Shift+F')

    Find in Files

    You could also do it in OpenIV using it's Edit ('Ctrl+Enter') function (~1 hr tops) but as there is no replace functionality, this will take a bit longer & there's more chance of a mistake copying & pasting that many times. The advantage here is that you don't need to mess about with which file goes where as you are editing them in-place.

    That's it. No more wheelie nonsense :thumbsup:

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