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[WIP] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Connection

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    A Story DLC; because sometimes we have to do Rockstar's work.

    Who Needs Story DLC?

    2014 - The year Rockstar Games announced a slew of story expansions for their hit game Grand Theft Auto V. Years have passed and no story-based expansions have arrived. Rockstar seems to be solely focused on Grand Theft Auto Online and that's fine. San Andreas Connection is a community-made mod for GTA V, made by fans for fans.

    We're here to do what they won't do.

    How Does It Work?

    Starting development in 2016, SAC begins by building upon the powerful core of GTA V, San Andreas Connection runs as downloadable content package, exactly how GTA Online's DLC mounts. Across a series of three DLC archives, San Andreas Connection adds an entirely new story with dozens of hours of gameplay. An epic tale packed with new characters, some familiar faces and plenty of lore.

    It's more than just a mod - It's an experience.

    What's Included?

    San Andreas Connection is filled to the brim with new content, including but not limited to:

    • A brand new story.
    • New music for existing radio stations, along with new stations entirely alongside new score.
    • New powerful weaponry.
    • Dozens of new vehicles.
    • New map locations.
    • Many side activities.
    • Hours of high-octane entertainment.

    In-Depth Information

    Los Santos - A city of greed and hypocrisy has seen better days. Corrupt politicians, gang conflict, and cyber-warfare have been tearing apart Southern San Andreas. Amidst the chaos, Niko Bellic is brought back into the frying pan by a power-hungry hacker, threatening to send a copy of Niko's history to the FIB. With no other options, Niko is forced to take on the worst San Andreas has to offer while working with some of the shadiest individuals around.

    San Andreas Connection takes place in an alternate universe, separate from the traditional HD GTA timeline. While things largely remain unchanged, certain events have been altered to justify the events of the story - Including the death of Michael Townley in 2004, to the rise of a new power hungry organization; Spark Incorporated.

    Alongside the complex story are loads of side activities, taking inspiration from franchises such as Saints Row. Take your hand at being the bodyguard of a waning celebrity or get your hands dirty with some corrupt cops. From Fight Clubs to Demolition Derbies and Photography to Video Games, there is always something to do in sunny San Andreas.

    The experience is massive and will continue to grow after launch, with new additions made through post-release patches and eventually expansions on the strong foundation of San Andreas Connection. New characters, new score, new missions, new weapons.

    This isn't your normal type of community project.

    The Team

    • theNGclan - Writing, Audio, Pedestrians, Scripting, Mapping
    • the7thone - Audio, Writing, Dialogue
    • //XP// - Audio, Writing
    • Xinerki - Weapons, Data File Crunching, Writing, Audio
    • HeySlickThatsMe - Absolutely nothing at this point
    • DoctorMike - Pedestrians, Textures
    • Fenton - Vehicles
    • Stryfaar - Gameplay, Pedestrians


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    Be sure to check out https://www.sanandreasconnection.com !

  • @theNGclan Do you have a Discord that I can join to possibly try this out?

  • @SLY95ZER No version is currently available to download at the moment.

  • @theNGclan So this is basically an idea then no actual gameplay?

  • @SLY95ZER Just because there is no download doesn't mean that it is only an idea.

  • @SLY95ZER It's currently a Work In Progress. A download will be available when it's ready.


    @theNGclan Man seems like a good idea

  • @Biggdogg Thank you very much! :smile:

  • The story sounds interesting, I'm curious.
    And the artworks are also incredibly beautiful!

  • I just saw the trailer of your work with this mod, it really promises a lot of fun. Keep the good work up, guys !

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    Los Santos the perfect place for your next get rich quick scheme

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    Meet interesting and possibly deranged people on your travels

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    Get up close and personal with particular Santonos

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