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Why can’t I get the enclosed trailer to attached to my truck

  • I have the enclosed trailer spawning into the game and I also went to vehicle meta and found the truck I wanted to attach to the trailer added the trailer line under the other trailers that this truck can hook up too save it and went into the game and the truck won’t attach to the truck please help!!!!

  • @Los211
    Paste the 'vehicles.meta' data for just the trailer & the vehicle you are trying to hook up to Pastebin & share the links here please :thumbsup:
    Just the data for those two, not the whole 'vehicles.meta', & also if it's a modded vehicle or trailer link to the vehicle/trailer download so I can play around with the vehicles/files in my game if needs be. Thanks :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th ok thanks I’m going to past it right now

  • Well I’m using the enclosed gooseneck car hauler from gta5mods...the truck I’m using is the topkick from gta5 mods I went into the topkick vehicle.meta file stroll down to where it said </trailers>
    I added below that <item>enclosedgoose</item> then I save it and exit went into the game back my truck up to the trailer and nothing happen ...@a63nt-5m1th

  • Ok so it’s basically saying I need to download menyoo or something to attached it the truck. I read that too I thought he was talking about I needed a trainer to attach the car in the trailer to keep it from moving inside the trailer

  • @Los211
    Yeah, you need to use a trainer to attach it to the truck that tows it :thumbsup:

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