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Im looking for Lore Friendly Cars!

  • So, ive found a few lore-friendly cars.
    But if you can reccomend any, put them below
    Thank you



    Search for the Lore-Friendly tag on 5mods

    Download IVPack & VWE pack & Flywheels Pack

    Use everything from boywond, bob322, thef3nt0n, carrythxd, dani02, monkeypolice188, voit turyv, ilay arjay, CP, glennoconnell, jammo2k5, bozza, and others

  • @ReNNie Thank you

  • The VanillaWorks Extended pack hasn't been around here for several months, so unless you find it elsewhere (not advocating anything here) then you may be S.O.L. until they publish it again (which I've no idea if/when that will happen).

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