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My first mod release

  • Hi guys I uploaded a mod 4 days ago and it's still pending. Does it really take that long to upload a mod? Or did I do something wrong that admin doesn't want to release my mod?

  • See if there is any messages regarding to any problems with your mod, if there is not then wait. Sometimes admins/moderators are busy with life so just be patient, it'll eventually be accepted.

  • @MegaDeveloper It only says "Pending for approval". Yeah I understand if theyre caught up with other things, just wondering if Ii may have done something wrong :( Thanks anyway! My mod is MK 7 SPARTAN Armor for Trevor btw.


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    You should also use the mod approval thread if we take too long checking your mod.

    I've left a comment on the mod page.

  • @ikt ALRIGHTYY Thanks, Ill check it out

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