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Help install a mod

  • How to I install sandy shores fire station not sure if it’s on her. But on lcpdfr anyways when I download it, it opens up straight away as a xml

  • load it via map editor or menyoo

  • @Yogeshk when I download it on lcpdfr it opens straight away an it’s just a pile of information xml an not a xml file I can copy over like the other map mods I have installed

  • @jordy1690 hmm maybe because the user didn't upload it in a .rar folder but rather directly .xml format and since xml files have a variety of association and almost all browsers can read xml files, Maybe that is why it is showing you directly as opened xml files in your browser.


    1. Inform the uploader and admin of lcpdfr about this because you know its kinda their issue.
    2. When the file opens in open format xml I don't think so you can copy them,If you could then do as you mentioned in the previous comment.

    Alternate (Main Solution):
    If the map was made with Map editor or Menyoo the top line should start as with a {down arrow symbol} Map xmlns (then its codes and stuff)
    Then all you have to do is right click the {down arrow symbol} button and click save as [the file name should appear automatically] at any location you desire on your pc.

    Then load via map editor or menyoo.I haven't seen the files so I cant tell if it menyoo build or map editor's.

    Kudos and Enjoy you Fire Station !!!

  • @Yogeshk still dunno how to install

    0_1549832697238_Screenshot (6).png

  • @jordy1690 Yeah thats exactly what I have written below for....and for download ahhhh the instructions are down in my previous post.Its easy,
    You can right click the triangle(the small icon pointing downwards) shape icon at very first line of the webpage.

    [Triangle shape] <Map xmlns: xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/ XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi etc..

    Just right click the triangle shape

    and click save as.....Or just pm me once

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