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Mods being sold for real world money on FiveM server

  • I'm in small FiveM RP server and today the owners of that server came out with "special" cars for the players that you can buy with real world money.
    And here is my question. How does this modding community feel about it?

  • Don't know about the community, but I think they will be in a world of hurt, once Fake-Two finds out.

    Though these are "special cars" and, as I understand, something built from scratch, it still doesn't change the fact that it is in their game. :/ And that means this server has no right whatsoever to monetize these cars.

    Note that all modifications and vehicles available on this site are free. And for a good reason!

    I am strongly against copyright in its current form. Creative Commons and authors' decision on what rights and limitations should their content have is a better solution. But, since most publishers use Copyright, people should respect it instead of putting their behinds on the line just to try and make a few bucks...

  • @TheMurderousCricket T2 and R* couldn't care less about someone using paid mods on FiveM, the FiveM devs might give a shitfit about it though (because muh TOS)

    Now if FiveM starts gaining traction T2 and R* might take action against it on """""intellectual property""""" grounds or some petty bullshit.

    Which I wholeheartedly approve of :^) Fuck FiveM and fuck CFX Collective, they deserve to burn after all the bullshit they pulled!

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