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How not to lose mods after updating gta 5?

  • Hi I've seen theres a new update for gta 5 but it says if I update it I'll lose everything in my update.rpf folder. I have modded stuff in there like visual setting because of natural vision remastered. Anyway to update without losing my stuff?

  • put your modded files into a folder called mods

  • So there is an update? On steam it says my GTAV needs a 64mb update. Damn already?! Time to re-mod all over again.. :(

  • Yup

  • @Arodriguez253
    Alright that's for letting me know for sure, because I have got updates before and the scripthook was still good to go. So they must have changed the update.rpf file in some way. I know the GTAV.exe was updated.

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